I ran, as fast as my two feet could possibly take me. There was no time to lose; I had to get there before time was up. Before we were both lost to the cyclone only miles behind me.

"Gabrielle!" My mom had shouted amidst the screeching of the alarm sirens. "What are you doing? None of us have any time left to us and you're going out there just to spend a few moments with him?"

"I'm sorry Mom. It's something I have to do. I love you." And then I took off.

I knew he was at the globe. Wherever that was; I had never been in this city. Something was just telling me to go there. I tried to block out all that was going on around me. People screaming as buildings were torn apart, the fierce wind circling around all of us; how the sky had turned an unnaturally ashen color. He had to be there. He just had to. In my last moments, I needed to be there with him. Needed to be there for him. I didn't want to face death alone, without him. And at this point, death was a certainty.

God please let me find him, please God, please! It was so morbid, so strange that during the end of the world, I was on a mission to find him. Death wasn't what I was scared of. It was going without him. I couldn't breathe my final breath knowing how we had ended. No last kiss, no words of love or goodbye. No, a stupid argument had separated us before all chaos unfolded from the sky above us.

As I ran blindly to an uncertain place that I wasn't even sure existed, images flashed before my eyes. My ring.

"Oh Jeffrey, it's beautiful! I love it. You know me so well!" I had beamed at him and thrown my arms around his neck to hug him tight. His promise to me was still on my finger; the heart-shaped, diamond crusted band never left me.

Our list of our future children's names. First and middle, along with the blueprints for our future house. He had laughed at me.

"You know it's not gonna work out like that! What if we have all boys?" I had playfully hit him, and retorted that Yes, it was all going to go the way I had planned.

I stopped. The sign right in front of me, in big flashing lights, said simply "The Globe." The building standing behind it still untouched from the tornado was in fact, shaped like a large globe. My heart pounded as I raced up the steps and tore through the flashy casino lobby.

"Jeffrey!" I shouted frantically with all the breath in my lungs. I was so close. A crowd of people were huddled together, and I couldn't distinguish any individual from the mass. He wasn't there, I knew it. My eyes caught another stairwell and I flew up them.

Second floor. He had to be here. I knew there were only minutes left; it had to be less than five. The sound of a locomotive was already faintly heard throughout the building. I didn't even have to scream his name, because he was the first person I saw.

His eyes were closed; I knew he was praying. My heart lurched in my chest sickeningly, and just the sight of him made me want to vomit at such a time like this. God, let him forgive me.

It was as if he had heard me utter my unspoken prayer, because he looked up and saw me. We both ran, arms open wide.

Thank you, God.