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I stood and simply looked at the giant ice-cream in my hands. Vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and not one, not two, but three chocolate flakes poking out the side.

It was that easy. Heaven in one scoop. Well maybe two but same thing right?

A dull droning sound alerted me. What was it? Could it go away right now because I was kind of occupied with this slice of heaven sitting there staring at me.

A hand tapped me on the shoulder and I sadly awakened from my day-dream. School was officially over. Darn it. I had so been looking forward to that imaginary ice cream.

Annoyed, I slowly got up stretching my limbs, taking as much time as possible, cos I know how much teachers love to have me in their class after school hours doing yoga.

I plodded towards the door, grabbing my school bag on the way, and exited the classroom.

As I was walking along the not very clean hall way I heard a voice repeating my name behind me.

I turned around thinking it was (my best friend) Abby.

'Someone summons moi?' I said in a terrible French accent and a goofy smile.

The new history teacher stood there looking as if she wanted to crawl into a deep deep pit out of my view.

'Oh. Um, hi.' I said awkwardly.

There was a long awkward silence occasionally broken by the shrieking of a child on the playground.

'Uh I just wanted to let you know that you have passed your history test and will be moving on to your year 9 exams. Er, I'll be off then.'

And with that she quickly scurried off. Hmm. History tests. Passed it. Cool. I don't really care.

Suddenly I remembered I was catching the bus. Which went 5 minutes ago. Oh bananas.

I ran/jogged down the hall, plowed through all the munchkins in the playground, and screeched to the stop by the bus stop. The now empty bus stop. I hate my bus driver. He was ten freakin meters down the road. And he saw me. And he continued to drive away with a smirk on his face and all the kids on the bus jeering and laughing at me.

I felt my face grow hot. Now I would have to walk home. Through the coming black clouds above me. Lovely.

Sighing, I heaved my school bag on my shoulders and started the 8km walk back to my house.

Around 3km's later I felt the first signs of a storm attack me. Mild rain with just hearable thunder served with a small spark of lightning.

Lovely just lovely. As I was walking past the millionth house I heard the news channel with the horrible lady with a blonde hair sprayed bob hair-do and a cheesy smile talking.

'And that was the third mysterious death we have had this week. 15 year old Harvey William's body was found in shreds by the harbor bridge this morning. 'His body looked pale. Like he had been sacred to death. Or been treated to by a vampire of some sort.' Said head police man, Roger Bob. More details later on that subject. Now onto the sport!'

Gruesome, very gruesome. Body found in shreds… I shuddered. That was so sick-minded! Yuck.

Around 15 minutes after that thought the storm really started to show me what it was made out of. Bucket loads of rain dumped themselves on me. Lighting crackled gleefully above. The thunder roared its approval.

This wouldn't do. I ducked under the nearest shade of the antique shop and began to wring out my hair. Then I took my cell phone out of my bag and punched in Mum's number to let her know that I was probably going to be late.

'Hello? Mum? Hello? Oh hi Mum just wanted to let you know, yes I am fine don't worry. I just wanted to let you know that I am probably going to be a bit late because of thee storm and all because I missed the bus. I will probably stop at Lil's house and dry up there. Yup. See you! Love you!'

Sighing I flipped my cell phone shut. Mothers always worried so much. I not going to do that when I'm a Mum cos I will know how much kids hate it!

'Ivy?' An unfamiliar voice from down the alleyway called my name. 'Ivy?'

I remembered Mum telling me about the stranger-danger rule. But this person obviously wasn't a stranger. How would he know my name otherwise? I saw a figure walking towards me.

'Hello?' I said half hoping they wouldn't hear me.

I don't think he did as it was as silent as a mouse squeak. As the figure drew closer I saw him reach a hand into his big heavy coat. And pull out a gun. Oh crap.

I willed my legs to move, to freakin sprint from this stranger about to kill me. Still holding the gun the figure finally came close enough for me to see him properly.

It was a well groomed man with gelled back blonde hair and a cocky face. He had a slight stubble on his chin and was looking at me with interest.

'Ah. Good evening. And what a lovely evening it is tonight. You agree?' He said in a smooth husky voice.

I looked around at the storm wondering if he was joking. It didn't look like it.

'U-u-m yeah, sure. G-great evening.' I said in a shaky voice. I don't think he noticed that much. My eyes were still glued to the gun. He noticed that.

He grinned holding up his gun.

'You looking at this? Very interesting you know. If you shoot to the wrist instead of the head it is said to be a lot more painful for the victim.' He said with a hint of an amused tone in his voice.

I didn't say anything. He looked at me.

'Well that's not very polite is it. I might have to teach you some manners.'

And with that he grabbed my wrist, jabbed the gun against it, and pulled the lever.