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Professor Harrington looked smug. He had the expression that said, oh another newbie here we go again.

'Let's start from the top,' grinned the smug looking Professor Harrington.

'Question 1. Name 3 of the fatal ghosts ever known to man.'

Bella blew a bright bubble gum bubble looking like she was a tad bored.

A girl with glasses thicker and larger than her face popped her hand up energetically, waving it about as it was having a spasm. A bit like Hermione Granger.

The Professor sighed. I guessed this happened a lot.

'Yes CJ?' He said.

'Would it be, Professor Harrington sir, from the least to the worst, to start off with-'

'Oh get on with it CJ,' interrupted Bella. I gave her a flick with my finger. She shrugged and mouthed 'what?' at me.

CJ blushed looking promptly embarrassed for a moment but then continued her speech.

'Number 3, the squidron.'

I couldn't help laughing. What was that? Some sort of mechanical squid?

CJ frowned at me.

'Tiny in size the squidron hides in water inhabited places, so when you go for a dip the squidron swims inside your ear and eats you from the inside out, very slowly and very painfully, they are almost impossible to remove with killing the victim.'

A slightly chubby kid on the other side of the room turned a grey shade of green.

Mechanical squid it was not.

'Number 2, the Cycil. Has killed many many people.' As she said this a tear streaked down her freckly cheek. I blinked,

'When my, father was in hospital with cancer, he didn't die of the cancer, he died of the Cycil. The Cycil hides in medicine bottles, hospital beds, hospital food, anything that is thought safe, suddenly is deadly. The Cycil appears in all shapes and sizes, it is a morpher and don't think just because you are not in hospital you are safe. Even though they are very rare they are very deadly.'

I thought back to the herb potion I spat in and shuddered.

'Number 1.' CJ said her voice almost as low as a whisper. No-one was laughing now.

'The Arachanobia. The biggest killer of them all. Huge. Doesn't need to chase you. He just snatches you up and throws you into his gullet, and spears you slowly with his venomous, snake teeth. He has the head of a snake. You think you die a slow, incredibly painful death inside the mouth of a killer. But you don't. Before you die, it usually swallows you. Then you die. The digestive juices of an Arachanobia is like boiling acid. So you dissolve. You think a ghost as big as that would be caught, but no. The Arachanobia has the power of invisibility. One could be watching as right now.' CJ finished on a happy, cheerful note.

The bell suddenly went and made us all jump a mile in the air.

'Oh darn, we will have to finish next lesson class. Have a nice break. Goodbye.' Professor Harrington said shooing us out like we were sheep.'

'Oh Ivy? I turned to see Bella

'I'm superrrr sorry, but I got training with Professor Knowles, special stuff you know to help me get over, well. See ya.' Bella rushed off looking anxious.

Strange. But I guess strange here is normal.

I suddenly heard a loud bang and an even louder OW behind me. I turned to find a girl with creamy blonde locks billowing down her shoulder. She had one arm up and was rubbing her head.

I stood there awkwardly for a bit.

'Um are you ok?' I asked.

She sighed.

'Yeah I guess, damn my parents for giving me such clumsy genes.' I smiled.

She held out a hand from her position on the floor.

'Hey, I'm Colletta, old fashioned, I know.'

I smiled and shook her hand, then pulled her up from the floor.

'I'm Ivy.'

She grinned at me.

'Cheers. Aren't you the one everyone's been talking about?'

I blushed.

'People have been talking about me?'

'Oh yeah,' said Colletta, 'everyone, especially the boys, they have all these nicknames for you like, hottie, sexy vamp, pretty wee thang, Jakes man, that one really gets Hale going. She told us all how she broke the precious darlings jaw. The girls now refer to you as Envy instead of Ivy, not to be mean, but because they think you pretty. Their right Ivy, don't look so embarrassed!'

Great. First day and already earned myself a reputation and by the looks of it, it doesn't sound too good. I mean, at my school the only name I am called by guys was wart.

Moving on I said,

'Do you know what Hale's big deal is with me? I mean we only just met, and so did Jake and I.'

'Isn't it obvious? She doesn't want you to 'steal' Jake! And you're making very good progress of it.'

'Their dating? Hale and Jake I mean?' I asked.

'No way, Jake hates Hale, but for Hale it's the opposite, just, stay away from her.'

'Well wanna walk to lunch together?' I asked, feeling confident.

'Sure.' Said Colletta.

Jakes POV

In the study room. Because I needed to study. Like a lot. Because if I didn't then, I would kicked out. I could leave the Spirit Keepers. It was my home, besides its not like I had a welcome home anywhere else…

So studying, everything going well when suddenly Hale walks in. I stand up.

Hale puts her hands up.

'I only came to talk to you Jakey Boo.' She said sickenly sweetly.

'Don't call me that.' I said coldly through my clenched teeth.

'Well I know we had a bit of a bad start, so I just came to talk to you about Ivy.'

'And?' I said, curiously.

'Don't you dare go getting any ideas Jake, that girl is a retard, a slut. I saw it myself! She broke her jaw by running into a wall! Anyways, she asked me to pass on this message, to tell her that she's scared of you. She thinks you and I would be a better match' She looked at me.

'Not in your nightmares.' I said.

She gave an impish giggle,

'Just passing on a message Jakey Boo.' And with that, she left.

Ivy, scared of me? That couldn't be right. I mean not unless she found out that… No there's no way she could, unless… Bella?

New mission. Instead of Ghost Hunting, I'm going Bella Hunting.

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