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Bella's POV

The stuff with Professor Knowles didn't go to well. I mean I know he's just trying to help me move on from you-know-what, but it just wasn't working. Believe it or not, and Ivy would get pissed at me for saying this because she loves the guy, but I haven't really had tutoring from a 300 year old wrinkle monster before. Creeeeeepy!

Lost in my thoughts and a chubby hand grabs me from behind. Make that two chubby hands. On my waist. That could only mean one thing. Tucker. The name suited him perfectly, as he tucked into things whenever possible, and whenever not. He also the best person at navigating, finding things, ect. Like at five years old, he won 16 and over international geography finals.

I turned around.

'Okay first tuck-box, get your slimy claws off me, and second, why are you stalking me.'

I said in an angry but controlled voice.

'Just running an errand babe,' he slurred, raising one sloppily raising one lopsided eye in a malicious manner. (no he is not drunk, he always talks like that.)

I have always had the suspicion Tucker has always had a crush on me ever since he tried to kiss me on my first day here. Weeeird.

'Okay don't call me babe, now what do you want chubbs?' I said starting to lose my temper.

He shrugged looking slightly hurt.

'Jake wanted to see you.' He said, waddling off.

What's the sitch? I checked my phone. It said,










its about ivy


BELLA! Assembly hall, right now!

Oopsie dasie. I started running to the assembly hall.

'Bella!' Jake exclaimed when I got there.

'Where have you been?'

'Sorry mate just checked my phone now.' I huffed.

'Yeah whatever, anyway, what I needed to talk about.' He shifted uneasily, lost for words.

'Out with it.' I demanded.

'Uh well its kinda awkward.' He shifted on his feet.

'Jake seriously! Hurry up and just tell me!'


'Jake! I just dragged my ass over here for the most important message of my life and now you wont even tell me! Spit it out!' I said angrily.

'Okay okay, sheesh, Uh, well have you told Ivy about…. Yer know.' He said uneasily.

'Huh? What, no of course not, didn't I promise to never tell, Jake? How could you doubt me, I am offended! And hungry. See ya.'

I left him looking happier and slightly confuse about why I left him so abruptly. Because I'm bloody hungry that's why!

Ivy's POV

Colletta left me in a really good mood. I bumped into Bella on the way out and she dragged me back inside the cafeteria despite all my protests.

'You andsh chashesh nesh to torsh.' She while eating an omelet.

'Didn't quite catch that sorry.' I said.

She gulped down the lump of omelet.

'I said you and Jake need to talk.' She said.

'But, but why, we get along just fine what's wrong with friends? I mean, not that I don't want to be friends or more than friends maybe, if Jake hugged me, but what's wrong with friends I mean.' I stammered.

'Okay first of all Ivy, you don't do a very good job of hiding your majoooorrrrrr crush for him, even if you just met him today, I mean, it's a bit like Romeo and Juliet. Not really. But Ivy, he likes you too! Anyways, you guys need to talk, because you are both a wee bit confused.'

'Maybe we do.' I mumbled. Jake likes me? He likes, me? But Bella didn't know that but, what if he did? Like me?

'I texted him, and you are meeting him outside now. Goodbye.'

I could barely get to my feet fast enough, yet I was scared to go. What if Bella was wrong. What if Bella was wrong about what Jake wanted to tell me? What if he told me I wasn't good enough for him? What if Hale was there?

All these thoughts and more busied themselves in brain as I walked towards the door.

When I stepped outside a chilly breeze pinched my face and the cold air nipped at my ears.

'Hey, Ivy.'

I turned and saw Jake standing a few meters away from the door. I walked towards him.

'Uh so Ivy, I need to ask you something.'


'Are you scared of me?'

Did he really just say that? Me? Scared of him? Why would I be scared of Jake? So sweet and kind!

'Now what little Imp told you that?' I asked.

My eyes sparkled as I saw his secret little fist punch into the air. I smiled.

'Hale.' He said.

'Jake?' I asked. He looked at me with those milk chocolate eyes.

'Do you want to get rid of me? I mean like, you don't like having me around?' I asked regretting it immediately.

His eyes grew wide.

'What? No of course not! I love having you around! Your so funny and sweet and-' He stopped suddenly.

'What little Imp told you that?' He asked.

I grinned.

'Hale of thou Hades.'

Jake laughed.

'Thou shalt be dealt with.' He smiled.

'Okay Jake, I better go or Bella will kill me for making her look like a loner.' I sadly began to depart.

'Just wait, Ivy.' Jake grabbed my hand pulling me back.

He quickly let go, looking at my expression. One of joy no doubt.

'Do you wanna, you know, go somewhere sometime?' He asked shyly.

'With you? Um yes! Of course Jake!' I practically sang.

He smiled a happy smile.

'Here's my number, so you can text me, Bella gave me yours.' He slipped a pre-prepared piece of paper into my hand, and walked off.

This time it was I who was doing thy fist punch.