"Did they live happily ever after, Mama?" a little girl pulls her blankets closer as she opens her mouth into a wide yawn. The little girl's golden curls framed her sweet face liked the petals of a sunflower. Besides the little girl was an even littler boy, who had just began to learn how to speak. His was dark like his mother's. His eyes which were the same blue as his father's were already close to shutting.

Annalise folds her fingers together and considers the question thoughtfully.

"Well, they did get married in the garden of white roses and they were very happy. They also had two very, darling and lovely children." She smiles at the young children. "They are very happy, but they haven't reached ever after yet. They're only just in the middle of it." She tells her daughter.

The little girl nods but her eyes were quickly closing. Annalise leans forward and kiss both children tenderly on the brow. She tucks them in before slowly getting up. She is careful not to make any noise as she blows out the candles and shut the door. In the next room, Edward waits for his wife. He's already in bed and he lifts the covers for her as she climbs in. She sinks into his embrace and rests her head against the place over his heart. He kisses her head.

"Did they make you tell the story again?" he asks.

She nods. "I don't mind telling them."

He grunts. "Well, I do. I can't sleep if you're not here." he complains like a small child.

She sighs dramatically. "What would you do without me?"

He chuckles and gives her a kiss on the lips. "For starters I'd still be a beast moping around in this castle."

She laughs, happy that he's able to joke about it. It hardly seemed like ten years have passed since she first time she stepped into the castle. Every moment she spent with him in the last ten years was bliss. She was with someone who loved her and whom she loved in return. Together they had two wonderful children, who were their whole world. Annalise had everything she'd ever want.

When the room grows silent again Edward whispers, "I love you, Annalise."

And to which she replies, "And I love you, very much."