For too many years
this struggle's been going.
With everyone saying;
"Mine is better than yours!"

Clash of civilizations,
battles of faith.
I cannot believe,
this is the way.

We live in the same world,
a home for us all!
Come now and tell me;
the reason for this.

This endless struggle,
this trying to force
what we believe
on innocent hearts.

"My way,
or your way."
Why not make it
"our way."?

A way on which we,
takes strength in the fact
that though we're different;
we're still all the same.

For what does it matter,
what you believe?
Just look around you
and I'm sure you'll find
that those you deem strangers,
a really like you.

They, too, dream,
have hopes
and have fears.
They, too, I'd bet
think you are odd.

Come now, my friends,
let's reason together.
Let us make a world,
where all can be,
who they are,
deep in their hearts.