You said you'd return on
this very day of December.
When I looked out of window,
and the endless snow fell,
covered the ground with beautiful soundless whispers
of your promises you made before.
I could still feel your presence
as I saw the white roses covering with exact same colors
in the icy cold field of nothingness,
yet the same beauty remains.
The wind may have blown away your words
but the past remembers and memories don't fade
they stay and echo on forever.
That day will remain, but will never repeat itself again
yet we still cry at the same memories.
We cry at things that have passed and will never return.
I picked up a white rose,
allowed the wind to carry it away-
please allow it to convey my message to you,
that i'd always, always be waiting in this place until
the things you said would be came true.
Buried into the snow,
the words with your smile never would be gone.