He watched her climb the rungs of the pool ladder until her feet were padding softly across the brick ground that surrounded the pool. She made her way to one of what was easily a hundred -if not more- deck chairs.

The bikini she wore tastefully covered just enough without leaving too much to the imagination. It didn't need to be said that he was...admiring her. He watched her wrap a thin, sheer leopard print sarong around her tiny waist.

The way her hips moved when she walked reminded him of the effortless motion of the ocean waves. Intrigued, he stood from his own deck chair and followed her through the hotel lobby inconspicuously.

He walked up behind her as she pressed the button for the elevator, swallowing his nerves and opening his mouth to speak. It was dry, and at first, no words would come.

"Why, may I ask, are you following me?" she asked with a slight Spanish accent. She didn't turn to look at him when she spoke, which put him off just that much more.

He stammered, groping for the words. All he could seem to come up with was, "I-I'm not?" It came out sounding more like a question than a defense, however.

"I'd beg to differ," she replied, turning to him with her hands on her hips.

He crossed his arms over his chest to shield and protect himself from the icy glare she wore. "I just wanted to introduce myself," he responded, regaining his composure and holding his hand out. "I'm Blake. I also thought maybe you'd like to join me for drinks a little later?"

Her icy glare seemed to dissolve just a bit, but Blake still felt like even basking in the warmth of the sun wouldn't warm her stare. He wanted the chance to heat up her blood until she couldn't deny him any longer, because that was just the kind of guy Blake was.

"Why would I do that?" she asked, smirking at his untouched hand.

Blake didn't fail to notice that she wasn't reaching for it, but continued to leave his offer open as he spoke. "Because I'm Blake O'Connor and I'll rock. Your. World," he informed her, separating his words out.

There was a moment of pause before she laughed out right at his lame come on. "You couldn't have me if you tried," she told him with a smile, backing into the elevator and watching him closely.

They both watched the doors shut, then Blake caught a glimpse of the floor it was headed to and raced for the stairs.