When I Die (Oct 31)

Six feet deep
where you grandfather's corpse lives
you can find their pain and anguish
as they languish in wait
for God to take them away.

They say that death is a million things
and that the feelings death always brings
are those of nostalgia and sorrow
which I'll think will stay until well after tomorrow.

But what's the point of going to the cemetery
it's not like you're the dead man's secretary
constantly reminding him about how much you and your family love him.

So when I die, I'd like to be buried beneath the ocean
so that the animals there carry me, without emotion
across the seas and continents, without any commotion.
It'll be a calm, quiet travel.
It'll be as casual as drinking water.

That's the end of October folks! No reviews? That makes me sad. );
Oh well, I'll see you tomorrow in The Crying November.