Faith versus Science

Faith tells you how to live your life

Science has the evidence to contradict it

Faith tells you to follow the bible and have morals

Science tells you not to you can do what you want

Please explain what's going on

Which one's telling the truth?

Only speculation can tell us

And yet we don't know what's going to happen

Before the worst happens

My heart need to decide

Whether its science or faith that's right

But which is it?

Faith says do this and you'll go to heaven

Science says heaven doesn't exist

Faith says don't do that or go to hell

Science tells you that hell's not real

Am I dying?

To know the truth?

Everyone thinks I'm crazy

Should I just quit?

Am I better off now or before I started questioning?

My friends say have a few drinks

Have a bit of fun

And to stop being so serious

Faith try's to protect you

Science tells you what it thinks you need to know

Faith says it has you're best interests

Science says the same

But do they know what your best interests even are

Jumping over fences

Trying to escape

After nearly giving in

I just want to know the truth

When everyone tells me something different

I have nothing

And I haven't yet made a decision

Faith contradicts itself

Science says that it's real

Faith says that it is what's real

Science always has an explanation a theory

Trying to run from a bar in Dublin

Run from the memories

Trying to find somewhere to jump

Trying to escape

Trying to find something real

And I need my girl to stand with me

You can't be that far away

You're the reason I don't want to go over the edge

Faith is what we're taught to believe

Science is what we're taught to know

Faith tells us what to do

Science tells us something different again

I'm too confused

I don't know what to believe anymore

And yet I'm still in my teens

I need my girl

Because best days are those with you

Yet you don't have trouble sleeping girl

I'm falling apart

Trying to reach a decision

Faith says that our relationship is wrong

Science says it's ok

Faith says we're sinful

Science says it's natural

I'm all choked up inside

And I don't know what to say

You're the best thing to happen to me

And I need you to help me

Because if you don't I won't have much time

Trying to make this work

I can't help but smile when I'm resisting

Drinking in the local bar thinking of you

Faith says I shouldn't be with you

Science says that I can

Faith says live life without sin

Science says you can live with it

I'll stand my ground

To stay with you

Because without your help

I just want to die

I refuse to leave you

I need you're decision stay or leave

Should I choose faith or science?

Please listen this time

It's faith versus science

I choose whichever will let me be with my girl

Faith versus science