You took it. You took my heart, and you never gave it back.

You destroyed it. You destroyed my heart, and you left me there to die.

But you will never kill the love the thrives within it. You can try, but you will never succeed.

You must pay for what you have done to me.

I grab the sharp knife with the ornate designs carved carefully into its beautiful hilt of black oak. It is placed carefully into its wooden case. I have saved this knife for this occasion. I go through the entire day like it is just another one, but I know it's not. When the bell signifying the end of the day rings, I immediately walk up to you. You smile at me, and your beautiful white teeth gleam. Such lovely teeth. Such a lovely face. Such a lovely heart. What a shame...

I offer to drive you home, and you agree. My, my, how innocent you are. The world is perfect for you. A child. That is what you are. You have never experienced the pain of a heart ripped viciously apart by the carefully disguised beast called love.

You ask me where we are going. This isn't the way to your home. No, my dear. It isn't. It is the way to the abandoned warehouse.

The red Mercedes sits idle in the warehouse. We have arrived. I get out to open the passenger door and drag you out by your hair. Do you love me? Do you love me?

Your eyes are wide with fear. I anticipate this moment. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I throw you down and walk back to the car to retrieve my knife. Opening the case, I look at the weapon and its gleaming perfection. I carry it over to you. You is curled into a ball. Stupid boy. Not even attempting escape.

I yank you up again. You whimper as I make the first cut across your cheek. The blood oozes out. You scream and beg for me to stop, but I am not done yet. I am not even starting.

I tear off your shirt and stare at wonder at your perfectly toned muscles. Strength like that is no use compared to fear. Fear overtakes everything. Light may seem to illuminate a dark room, but darkness in larger amounts can destroy the world.

The knife carves into you as you scream. No one can hear you. Why bother?

I will relieve your pain now. I will show you mercy. No. You really thought I meant I would stop?

There are other ways of stopping pain. I plunge the knife through your chest at just the right angle, twisting it to make sure it destroys you completely, as I have practiced many times on others.

I wash off the blood and drive off, leaving you there. No one will ever find you. There you are, alone forever in your years of death. Alone for eternity.

Now you know how I felt.