"Who's doing the grocery shopping this week?" Kate called from the kitchen. "All we've got left is ketchup." She asked picking it up.

"I don't know. Whose turn is it?" I called back. I was lying down on the floor. I liked the carpet. It was very soft, and the house didn't come with furniture. Alyssa laughed as the face Kate made when she opened the ketchup and sniffed it. It was absolutely horrid. She put it back. The ketchup had come with the house. For some reason none of us had the guts to throw it out. It was some very strange inner fear that it would grow legs and thenproceed to kill us in our sleep.

"When's the last time Alyssa did the shopping?" Sage yelled. She was out back, trying to bring life to the long dead garden. It didn't sound like it was going well from all the muttering. I hadn't been back there yet.

"No!" Kate shouted.

"Oh come on!" Alyssa yelled.

"No. The last time you did the grocery shopping you bought twenty seven boxes of cereal. We were eating it for weeks. I can't even watch a Trix commercial anymore without flashbacks." Kate said shuddering.

"I bought milk too didn't I? It's not like you had to eat it dry." Alyssa jumped off the counter she'd been sitting on. She walked over to Kate and put her hands on her hips.

"You didn't even buy anything to drink!" Kate exclaimed.

"You can drink milk can't you?" She asked sarcastically.

"No." Sage said, walking in from the backyard. She had dirt across her face.

"Yes you can." I called back.

"I meant no there's no way I'm letting you do the shopping ever again. I'll do it this week. It's your job to pay the bills though." She pulled off her yellow gardening gloves and tossed them on the counter in the kitchen as she washed her hands.

"How's the garden coming?" Alyssa asked.

"Topsoil's bad. We'll have to mulch it." She said, looking off into the distance, like she could already see it. We all groaned. There was no way that we were getting out of helping her.

Sage walked over and sat down next to Kate and Alyssa. I looked at them. They were laughing at some joke that been told. My best friends in the world, how could I want to be anywhere else? I walked over and sat down.