I skipped down the sidewalk, my blue dress made an amusing swish as the fabric made contact with my legs. I waved at Mr. Park as I headed into the park. He failed to see what amused me there. He was retired and liked to come by and feed the pigeons. Why pigeons I don't know. I find them a little distributing. There are no baby pigeons. They must exist, I suppose. Or they don't! Pigeons are robots engineered by the government to spy on us! I tell pigeons my secrets when I feed them… dang it! The government knows all about me now. But what would they want with me anyway.

I laughed as I looked over at a group of girls flying pink kites. Could it get better than this? The sun was shining, the grass was green, and I'm alive. I stretched my toes out, enjoying the feel of the grass under my feet. I lied down stretching out. My limbs were sore. I don't get out here enough. It's so relaxing out here –peaceful.

A sharp cry cut through my bliss. I looked up sharply and glanced around. There was a woman lying on the grass a few feet away screaming. Her hand was in her hands and she was screaming. Not a shout of joy, not an 'Ow that hurts' scream, but a scream of deep pain. I stood to my feet and headed over.

N/A The lotions came in a pack of two