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The next few days were a blur for me. I haven't hung out with my friends and I haven't ran for the longest time.
Because if I see him I'll freaking explode.
In the end Steve managed to weasel me out into telling him about me and Sean.
"NOOOO YOU'RE SHITTING ME!" His eyes were bugging and his mouth was wide agape. "Sean Rohal? The captain of the track team? The guy that banged like half the girls in campus…is gay?" I nod my head slowly; I don't know whether to be insulted or relieved that he's more concerned about Sean's sexual orientation than mine.
"And you're dating him."He just shook his head incredulously.
"Were dating" I snapped.
"Damn, son. Chill." He frowns. I jump into bed and cover my face with my pillow. Maybe if I do this long enough, I can die.
"Sorry", I muffled in between the pillow "I guess I'm still not over it."
"Dayum, I thought you guys hated each other! You grilled each other all the time!"
"Yeah, I mean we did hate each other's guts but…" I trailed off.

'Hey my name's Caden Bourke' I said to him between breaths as I jogged. He barely looked towards my direction.
"I've seen you running when I run, you're pretty good." I smiled. He just looked straight ahead and ran past me.


"It's weird; I don't even know when we stopped hating each other." I looked out the window, squinting when my eyes met the sun's glare.

We were neck and neck, our legs flying past like they had no control. I glared at him from the corner of my eye. My feet slammed into the ground and I hurled myself to the floor.
"YES! Take THAT! I WON" I pumped my fist to the sky, ignoring the stars blinking around me. I sat up to look at the kid, his pale face was bright red but his hair was still ridiculously well kept. He was trying hard to keep his breathing in check. He was scowling at me, his coal black eyes drilling me down. A chill passed by my spine.
"Sean" he said, breaking the silence between us.
"What?" I said, caught off guard.
"Sean Rohal, that's my name." He stood up and brushed away his shorts, and left me staring dumbly into space. I caught myself smiling without even knowing it.

"Nothing was ever stable with us. It just spiraled out of control from the day we first met" I said, more for my sake than Steve's. He already tuned me out and was texting someone on his cell phone.

It was a pattern now. Every day I ran I saw Sean trailing behind me. "Are you stalking me?" I joked.
"Don't flatter yourself" he said quickly before passing me, but from behind I
swear I saw him have the smallest smile on his face.
And I felt my heart beating. It's from running too much I told myself.

"Maybe we're just masochistic. The both of us."

"The fuck did you just say?" I grabbed the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the wall. He didn't even attempt to break free.
"I said, 'I don't give a shit about her'" He drawled, that same blank expression plastered on his face
as if he had better things to do. Just something about him manages to dig under my skin and make my blood boil. I punch him across the face.
"She's OUR FUCKING FRIEND! How could you just use her like that?" I scream, shaking him back and forth. He swipes his leg underneath my feet and in one fluid movement I come tumbling down.He cracks his knuckles and that bastard has that insufferable smirk again.
"Tell me, why are you really mad?" He crouches down and we're so close to each other that I can feel his breath.
The fact that I used her or the fact that you weren't the one that I was sleeping with?"
I blindly swing my arm, only to have his fist slam hard onto my stomach. We roll around beating the shit out each other, until he got on top of me and pinned my legs together from his weight. He held both of my arms above my head and I felt my face heat up, because of the embarrassment. Definitely not from being so close to him.
His dark eyes scrutinized me and I seem to shrink under his gaze.
"Go suck my dick, bitch" I yell.
"You wish" he growls, and he swoops down and smashes his lips against mine.

"And maybe we've never even stopped"

I saw Sean running with his team, chastising one guy that was falling behind. I sat in front of the bleachers and admired how Sean's hair flew by from the wind. They ran for about 8 laps until Sean halted them for break. He was reaching in his bag for his water bottle.
"YO SEAN!" I hollered, a few guys looked up. Sean turned around to my direction and I instantly have the hugest smile ever. He eyes me for a second then turns around. He says something to his teammate and they both start laughing. At that moment my smile slides off.
God I'm so fucking stupid.
My face heats up from humiliation. I flick him the finger and yelled: "Yeah well FUCK YOU TOO", and briskly walked away.
'I hate him'

And ever since then whenever we see each other in public, we either ignore each other or just glare intensely. Then a couple hours later he sneaks in my room and I forgive him for whatever happened before.
The anger's flowing back into me. Why am I so stupid? God, he's been toying around with me all this time.

I wake up to find Sean looking at me, it's a bit unnerving and I try not to make a fool out of myself. His fingers gingerly brush my blonde hair and I feel my heart swoon at this rare moment of affection.
"You have really nice eyes" He says quietly, continuing to stare at me. I heard that all the time from girls actually, then I just suavely brush my hair and kiss them. But I feel myself getting hot right now and I bite back from saying, 'you have nicer ones'. I take a chance and I snuggle in closer to him, he doesn't pull away and he rests his head on my chest

He never loved me, he was just bored of fucking girls all the time and wanted to experiment. I pound this into my head, suppressing any sort of hope I have.

"Can I open my eyes now?" the blind cloth was tied around my eyes and I swung my head anxiously.
"Give me a second" Sean said, and I heard metal clicking together and paper rustling. Goddammit I can't wait any longer!
Sean finally undid the blind cloth and I snap my eyes open. He held out two watches and two concert tickets wrapped in a red ribbon. All I can do is gape at him..
"Happy Birthday Caden" Sean said a bit shyly, his voice devoid of his frequent sarcasm.
"Woooooooah, how in hell did you manage to get us front row seats to "The Flame"? Jesus Christ that must've been expensive!" I look at the tickets up and down to make sure they're authentic.
"How did you know I wanted to go? I only mentioned their concert once!" I asked in disbelief.
He shrugged and handed one of the watches to me. Mine had a small sapphire gem at the center.
"I got a matching pair, I thought it'd suit you" he said rather lamely. He looked away and started putting his own watch. I just shook my head and tried not to laugh.
He actually bought us couple watches! I walked up and held him in a tight embrace.
"Dude, seriously. Thanks. This beats any present I've gave you" I was sincerely touched. He merely shook his head and I smile as I kiss him.

I was fooling myself. Somehow, remembering all the good times hurt me more painfully than all the times we beat the shit out of each other. I try pushing them out of my mind. "But yeah, it's over now" I say after a while. Steve finally looks up, probably didn't listen to a single thing I said.
"I'm pretty much over it already" I try to say this as nonchalantly as possible, hiding the turmoil in my gut. "Man, but for four years? No wonder you're such a mess right now!" I toss my pillow at him and was satisfied when it hit him right in the face. He tossed it down to the floor.
"Don't take it out on me! Stop being such a little bitch, I need to get you laid." Steve said with a lecherous grin on his face. I shook my head,
" Nah, man I'm good". Before I could even register what he was doing, he flung himself to my drawer. He fished out the watch that Sean gave me.
"Oh hell no!" I cried, and immediately regretted it. I just let him know how much I wanted it. I should've tossed that shit out the window.
Steve grinned like a Cheshire cat, twirling the watch between his fingers.
"C'mon, like you said, you still like the pussy. It'll make you forget all about him I swear. And I'll give you this back." He shakes it at my face. "Once you bang Gina McKesson." He emphasized this with crude hand motions. I wanted to throttle him, but I let out a sigh instead.
"Alright, alright. I'll go out with her." Steve gave a loud whoop.
"Thank God. She said she'd give me some bud if I did this for her", he grabs his cell and punched in random buttons.
"Yeah, Gina? Guess what your boy just did…"