Four years later…

"I knew it… I knew it wasn't possible… Why did I foolishly believe that nothing would happen?"

The village of Youzuka had been safe since the otherworldly incident that a chosen few remembered. The being known as Kishin-sama was erased from the village's scriptures, and the statue that was secretly buried underground was all but rubble now. The villagers were living their ordinary lives, with no fear that the demon would be revived…

"Everyone…I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I fed you false lies."

However, there was one being that was disgusted with herself. By the graveyard, there was a girl who was now in her late teens, holding five bouquets. Her hair was reaching towards her shoulders, and her ruby eyes were distraught and empty. Her entire figure had completely changed to that of a would-be confident woman in the future…

"Did she lie to me from the beginning? Did she know that this was my fate?"

However, all that can be said about her was that she was far from confident. The girl was Mizuki Konami, and unfortunately for her, she was walking to the graves of her dear friends. Yet, what did she have to apologize for?

"She knew… She knew… She knew…"

It happened a year ago. For some unknown reason, Konami began to act strange. When Shizune said that the group should hang out together, Konami felt that her mind was in a strain. She never smiled, never laughed, and never talked. All she did…was kill. She secretly carried a blade with her and with that blade, she killed her friends in an instant. She didn't feel any remorse; she wanted to see the crimson blood leap out of their bodies. Konami wanted to feel the passion in killing again, like she did in the past.

"What does it matter? I should've accepted this fate from the moment I was born. I was doomed to live in solidarity, so why did I try to torture myself into thinking that I would be with anyone?"

As Konami was muttering to herself, she had already reached her destination: the graves of her friends. They were lined in a horizontal row, as if the gravedigger knew that these five shared a special bond. As her ruby eyes glanced at each grave, a feeling of disgust filled her body. The image of their bloody bodies on the ground struck her soul.

"…I hope you all can forgive me, somehow."

Konami placed a bouquet on each grave, with each placement loosening her. Once she reached Renji's grave, she stopped before placing the bouquet.

"Renji-kun… I'm sorry I deluded you. I wish you would have told me how you felt about me sooner. I know this is all my fault, but…you can forgive me, right?"

A soft breeze flew by, swaying the girl's hair and making some petals on the bouquets dance in the sky. Slowly, she leaned closer to Renji's grave and kissed the nameplate. She lowered her eyes in semi-satisfaction.

"I hope this can make up for it," she replied.

Konami rose up and stared at the now arranged gravestones. Almost as if she could feel the spirits of her friends, she smiled softly.

"I'll come speak to you some other time, guys. I'm almost done with high school, so I promise that once I finish, I'll spend as much time with you as I can."

Konami bowed towards the graves and ran back to the village, with a smile that may never shatter. Even knowing her grave flaw, she knows that she's still a human with emotion. If she were to go back in time to prevent this from happening, she would.

Once was the limit, and she must slowly accept the idea of solitude, no matter how much it pains her inside.

Or perhaps…she may have already accepted this fate without her knowing it.

Unmei ~Shuuryou~ – Owari