The sun rises on a cold September day. It brings little warmth with it, but still it covers the place, radiates off little leaves. It is indiscriminate in it's affections, but you're not the same way. Spending days, loving one person or another... just a feeling to get you by. When it's all done, run back to the one who puts you back together, the only one who loves you like the sun. The one that never asks questions like who, and what, and why... they just remind you that they love you despite everything else. Absorbing all the hurt, while silently loving. Giving what you'll let yourself take.

And then the time comes where they love you and you love them because there's no one else. There's no where else to put these emotions so you have to put them somehwere, and they're there. They're that somewhere. And so now you love them, and they love you and you've got all these plans and things to do. This and that and the other. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, but it doesn't have to because it works. It's like gravity. No one can figure out how, or why, but it works. And it stays and the earth orbits the sun, just like you orbit someone and life goes on this way. People can ask why, but you don't know why. People say stop, and you just can't. It's inexplicable.

But time has a way of changing things. Just like a caged animal searches for freedom, you start looking for escape routes... all the different ways out. And so do they. These little nuances in the relationship that make you both just go crazy because you love each other but what if this and what if that. And so you can't stop thinking about the past and the future, any time but the present. The days start to drag on and communication wanes, and you're left trying to run back to that person for help but you can't. You can't go there because you ruined it. Moments of sadness and despair start to run into each other and you can't seperate them because you're growing more and more apart. You're worrying. You're on the edge of your seat... the edge of yourself. You don't know where to go, or who to be, or what to do. And you just are. You're just orbiting this absentee sun, lost in a daze of daylight and darkness but you can't seem to feel anything.

You're this little misguided thing lost out in space, looking for your sunshine... You got too close and before you could notice you passed right through it while somehow surviving the burn. And you can't go back because you don't know where you are. You don't know where to go from here with no light to guide you, no map to bring you home.

And so, like the most beautiful painting to ever exist, hanging in the gallery of someone who can no longer see, the magnificence of what was, is wasted.