we are dandelion disasters -
gone in a single poof of air.

(i dressed myself in her skin for a night,
pressed against a thousand boys and fifteen
girls, too, and he gave me a hickey
on my collarbone.)

you've spent the last sixteen years trying
to forget, and oh, to forget, to forget.

(i don't know his name, but his teeth felt
so good on my translucent skin, skin, skin,
on my ugly bones. i touched him and he
moaned in ecstasy, but he didn't know my name.)

i starved myself, skin&bones, until i was
sad enough to step into her skinnygirl jeans.

(yes, i climbed into her shell, and i pretended
to be her - you know who i mean - and i danced,
danced. i probably didn't do her justice, but
the boys didn't notice, because i know how to move.)

we are paper wings, we are wishes, we are
gravestones in the backyard, we are yesterday.