"You don't love the human. You aren't allowed to love the human. It's not in our nature!"

The tension in the room was thick. Apolinar stood, looming over his partner knight Dante who was slouched back in a pulled out chair, staring at nothing in particular.

"Who says that it isn't in our nature? Did you ever think of that?"

Dante stood from the chair, now facing Apolinar at eye level.

"The elders forbid it! That's the answer to who says we aren't allowed to love the humans." Apolinar scoffed, "Besides, who would want to love a human anyway. They are filthy creatures. We only watch them to ensure they aren't figuring out that we exist."

"Molly isn't filthy like the other humans. I would know. I've watched her nearly her whole life, and she just isn't like them." He paused a moment. "Even she knows she doesn't fit in with the heathens we watch."

"Watch yourself Dante."


The two fae knights held an intense eye contact that was broken when the door in the far corner of the room creaked open. A small doe eyed servant with dark brown hair cascading down her back carried a fire leaf. She nervously glanced up at the two before shyly glancing away, proceeding to light the candles in the room, getting ahead of the impeding darkness outside.

"I must say, why is a fair lady like you doing servant work? What is your name?"

The servant blushed a deep shade of red before she spoke,

"I-I, my name is Brennalynn." Her voice was a sweet whisper.

"Brennalynn. Such an exquisite name. Now tell me truthfully; do you enjoy your job?"

"Uh, not exactly sir. They don't treat us as well as they could."

Apolinar made a sound of disgust.

"How could they mistreat you? I will see to it that your life will be better."

"Oh sir, you don't have to do that."

"But I will. Now you carry on with your night, tomorrow you won't have to worry about any of your chores."

Brennalynn stammered out a thanks before leaving the room. Once she was gone, Apolinar turned to Dante.

"I've been eying that lass for some time now. She may be a servant, but she is at least fae."

Dante rolled his eyes at the remark.

Pots and pans clattered to the floor around Molly, her squeal so faint under the sound of metal hitting against linoleum.

"Damnit Molly!" A portly man's yell scratched out at her. "If you don't stop being so clumsy it will spell the end of your job!"

"I'm sorry , I will clean it up!"

"Yeah yeah. Minimum wage is just too high these days. . ." grumbled as he stomped out of the kitchen, the two way door swinging madly in his path. Molly fearfully looked to her coworker Teresa, who returned the look.

"Molly, don't worry about him. He is just overreacting."

"Yeah, sure. What a disgusting son of a- never mind. I can't stand the human race sometimes, y'know?"

"You are a human."

"Yet I wish I weren't" Molly kneeled down and began to gather the scattered pots.

"What would you be if you weren't human."

Molly sighed dreamily, leaning back on her heals.

"I know this seems like a child's dream, but I would be a Faery."

"A Faery?"

"Yeah. They are smarter than we are, and so much more beautiful. The men are tall and gaunt, but they are beautiful. They know how to treat a woman."

Teresa burst out laughing, breaking Molly from her daze. Molly glared at her; face flushed with embarrassment.

"What? What is wrong with my dream?"

"What's wrong with it? Well, for one, faeries aren't real!"

"Believe whatever you want Teresa, but they won't help you when you need It."

"Sure." Teresa glanced at her watch. "I do believe that my shift is over. You have fun cleaning and dreaming about your faery life."

Teresa untied her apron and walked out laughing. Molly sighed, she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. What was this, the thousandth time that her dreams have been shot down by a person close to her.

"I know they are real, they have to be."

The kitchen flipped itself around Molly. Her screams disappeared from her mouth along with her world. She was sent through a tunnel of colors swirling around her, some that she had never even seen before. She felt as though her body was being twisted and molded into new shapes. She made hard impact on solid ground, but she felt numb to it. Molly screamed again when she couldn't see her surroundings. Where was she?