"Excuse me?" An imperious voice rang out "What are you doing in MY sandpit?" Damian turned around; a small petite girl looked back at him, wispy blonde hair tied into to secure braids, brown eyes questioning, curious and slightly haughty.

"Uh," Great, how was he supposed to get out of this "well, you seeā€¦ uh, you see that gate there?" He pointed to the non-existent gate, the girl stuck her head side-ways in a birdlike gesture and shook her head slowly "Well, trust me, it's there, and you see, out there, there's this sign right? And it, this sign, says, playground and it's an awesome playground and you don't pay." She was looking at him strangely, her head cocked, her young mind obviously processing this information, then her eyes narrowed,

"But Daddy took me out there last week, and there was a big patch of ivy and smelly bins, but no gate and no sign." Oh poop.

"New, then. Look, if it is yours, I'll go, but maybe you get lonely? Maybe you want some one to play with?" The girl looked at him,

"I have four big brothers." She said bluntly, then her eyes softened, "But I would like to play someone my age." She smiled at him, biting her bottom lip with her front teeth.

"What's your name?" He asked. In return he got a look from her that looked like he had said, 'hey I eat garbage, wanna try some?' In a truly withering voice she said

"This is my garden, and if it's a playground it's my playground too, so, you give me your name and age, and I will give you mine." Wow, and he thought his Mom was bossy

"Damian Greensworth, and I will be 8 in a couple of weeks."

"Well Damian Greensworth, I'm Belladora Mae, and I am 6 a quarter years old." She stuck her hand out, and when he was about to shake it suddenly remembered two things, one, his hands were filthy, and two, they were outside a huge villa, in a garden that was twice as large as his house, and shaking hands didn't exactly seem 'proper' for this environment, so he bent down and kissed her hand, Belladora (Far to long a name, really it was.) giggled and then, looked up at him grinning "Let's build a tree house."