Created: October 1st and 2nd, 2011

"Change and, Explanations"
By: darkdreamerx

There are things, not explained,
to me.
Though there are things explained,
that I wish, had not been.
I've found that time, can change,
many things.
Change for myself and those,
that have been, or not been,
beside my heart.
Inside sees more than,
light allows.
To speak one's mind, sometimes,
fails to reach ones' heart
until later.
When sooner the words, create
bitterness and tears.
Form walls and salted,
dark eyes.
Time passes and, not commonly,
forgive, forget, become one.
Reaching out, to rekindle.
Scars may present, themselves,
fear of repeat.
Hearts heal, though, with minutes.
With hours; days...of silence.
Freed from tension, uneasiness,
eyes become brighter.
I have felt all of these, over time.
Have learned the past, cannot vanish,
but the present...can become the past.
While time changes, the mind of those,
willing to accept...the explanations,
of heart.