Chapter 1

Note: Italics= thoughts, dreams, and flashbacks

Hope you enjoy this!

You know that feeling when you're just about to go to sleep, and you find your stomach in knots as you think of the next day and how awful it'll be? I used to feel that a lot. Every morning and evening would be filled with the dread of the future. Do I think I deserved to feel like this? No I don't. So….then why does everyone else think so?
My alarm clock rings loudly as I jump out of bed. 7:00… I feel like a glutton for sleeping so late. I slowly got out of my too soft bed and stepped onto my unnaturally fuzzy carpet. I looked out of my window and saw our large flower garden and our pool out of it. The rose-colored walls of my room were cracked with old age and painful memories. Ugh… I hate it here. How did I get Cynthia to convince me to come back to this disgusting place? I walked in the bathroom that connected my room to the one across from mine. I looked into the shining mirror and saw a cheerful, pure, beautiful girl in it. I turned around to see my twin sister behind me, beaming as if she just realized that me being here wasn't a dream.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" My sister, Lucia, asked brightly. I looked at my face in the mirror. It looked like I knew that the world was going to end today and I was sending my last regards.

"Um, a-alright I guess." I said shyly. Damn, even after all these years I still can't talk to a normal person without stuttering! Although, it's not like we're exactly normal, we are witches after all. Lucia put her hand into the pocket of her incredibly lacy and adorable pajamas, muttered an incantation, and I watched as a silver brush came zooming from her room into her hand. She started brushing her long, golden hair as she hummed happily to herself. I put a hand through my short, less shiny hair. I splashed my face with water and stared into my deep brown eyes for a second before I went into my room to get changed.

I opened my closet to find frills, lace, and cuteness galore. I closed the door and muttered a spell that caused my pajamas to melt into a black tank-top, dark green shorts, and black Nikes sneakers. I did an once-over in my mirror and I determined that I looked presentable. I opened my door and walked out of my room simultaneously with my sister.

"Why are you wearing human brand sneakers?" Lucia asked curiously. I shrugged.

"Dunno, they're pretty comfortable." I said quietly. I walked down our large marble spiral staircase into our kitchen where I was greeted with my mother's infamous glare. "You should go home Noel, it'll be good for you to see your family again." Yeah, right. My step-father looked nervously from my mother to me as we had a showdown of glares. It seemed like I won because all she did was sigh and tell me to eat. My sister bounded in the room, her bright aura filling the room with happiness and joy, making it much more comfortable to eat my Cornflakes.

"Good morning, Mom. 'Morning Dad." Lucia said as our mother gave her some toast with a warm smile.

"Good morning sweetie. Did you sleep well? Are you ready for your first day in high school?" My mother asked her kindly.

"Yeah, I can't wait. It'll be great to see everyone again this year." Lucia said with a heartwarming smile. A nostalgic fog seemed to roll over my parents' eyes as they remember when their little daughter had just started kindergarten. Then my mother remembered how I had been their as well and how I had made that period of time hell for her, and that seemed to snap her out of her trance. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:30.

"We'd better go." I said quietly before grabbing my backpack and slowly opening the door.

"Wait for me Noel!" Lucia cried before shoveling down the rest of her food and running after me. We walked at a moderate pace down the path leading to the main road and made a right once we reached the cobblestone road. I looked around me and let my childhood memories wash over me. Nothing's changed at all. I remember hiding behind that rock over there when I was playing hide and seek once. Those kids never found me. Soon we came upon a castle-like building that had a mob of teenagers making their ways through the gates.

"Hey Lucia over here!" I heard from in front of me.

"Ah! See you later Noel!" Lucia said before bounding off to the large group of beautiful people that were waiting for her. Among them were obviously the two most popular boys in the school, one of them being my childhood crush Jason. The other was a serious but kind boy named Eric. They are some of the very few people I know because they have been friends with Lucia ever since I could remember and they've been to our house numerous of times.

I slowly walked towards the gates, dreading each step more and more. I could start to feel people's eyes follow me and I saw some point and whisper as I walked by. I saw a mob of people surrounding a bulletin board and I walked towards them. After carefully making my way through the crowd, I tried to find my name on the roster. Hm…let's see… Noel…Noel…ah ha! Noel Nanami class 1-A. Oh great… I'm in the same class as my sister. There goes my hope of actually standing out for once. I wandered around the halls aimlessly for a few minutes before finding my classroom. I took a deep breath and opened the door. All around me there were groups of friends chatting away about god knows what. As I walked by though, they all huddled together and whispered while staring at me. Huh, didn't know I was this popular.

I saw Lucia through the crowd of fearful and disproving eyes. She waved for me to join them and I did, but only out of politeness. Personally, I would have rather jumped out of the classroom window than to talk to the girl who attracts the most attention but I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Hey, sorry for leaving you earlier. Did you make it here all right?" Lucia asked worriedly. I couldn't help but smile at her innocence.

"Yes, don't worry. I-I made it here fine." I said shyly. She looked relieved.

"Oh thank goodness. Well, let's see….you know Eric and Jason already, here let me introduce you to everyone else." She pointed to each of her friends and although I tried to remember all of their names, I found it impossible. Eventually, I left to put my heavy bag down onto a desk near the window. I stared at the giant oak tree that wasn't too far from me but my daydreaming was rudely interrupted by a snobby looking boy who had sleek dark hair and would've been handsome if he didn't have this annoyingly knowing look in his eyes.

"You're Noel Nanami, aren't you?" He asked straightforwardly.

"Y-yes I am." I said, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.

"Odd, you don't seem like a killer." I looked at him, startled.

"E-excuse me?"

"Is it true that you're the one who killed your real father?"