Chapter 3

Note: italics=thoughts,flashbacks,and dreams Also, for people who are following this story, this month is pretty hectic for me so I'll be updating at random times. Sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy!

I remember when I was little, I was so afraid of standing out. Whenever a door of opportunity opened up I would wait to see if the people around me (mostly my sister, Jason, and Eric) would go through it and if they didn't I would just stay with them. But I wonder, was I ever really with them? Or was I separated from them and normality at birth? Are all people separated from normality? We are witches after all. But then… what's separating us? Our thoughts? If I lived like my sister without any thoughts of my own… would I be "normal"?

Pain tickled my jaw as I looked at the red hated boy straight in the eyes with a killing aura surrounding me. I fainted a punch to his face and kicked him straight to his chest. His bones snapped with a satisfying crack and I watched felling an insane thrill as he fell to the floor screaming. I looked at the rest of the gang that was now surrounding me in the form of a circle, all except for the big bad leader who stayed behind. They all charged at me while yelling threats and war cries and magically pulling out swords, wands, guns, you name it. I suppose I could have at least given them the idea that I was serious by pulling out my sword but if I did that they would all be dead.

I gracefully side stepped every attack thrown at me, causing some boys to knock each other out with their own weapons. A boy with a nasty scar on his right arm tried to throw me off my using an invisibility charm, but sadly he forgot to take a shower this morning so it was easy enough to smell him out and crash his skull against the ground. And while I was maiming to my heart's content I saw out of the corner of my eye Jason holding up Lucia and Eric standing not to far away, all looking at me with the same expression. Disgust.

After finishing all of the boys off, I looked toward the leader of the gang. The violent, blood-craving part of me wanted to attack him but he hadn't done anything wrong so I thought it would have been plain mean to beat him up for just standing there.

I heard a scared cry to my right and I saw the small Indian boy slowly getting up, reminding me why I had started the fight in the first place. I walked over to him and reached out to help him up but he screamed and ran away.

I turned around and was reminded why I never wanted to come back to this awful place. I saw the faces that nearly drove me to insanity, and were the cause of the creation of this vicious side of me. Eric was slowly shaking him head and Jason looked at me like I was a cockroach that should've been killed a long time ago. My sister, though, was the first one to share her views verbally.

"T-that was… how could…why…?" Lucia looked like she was one the verge of tears. She looked down at the red hated boy at her feet who was still screaming in agony and all of the little color drained from her face. "Y-you didn't have to be so cruel… why didn't you just use magic to break them apart..? You've been gone all this time to train right?" She looked up at me with a look of innocence and confusion. I opened my mouth to say something, but I didn't know what to say so I just nodded.

"So-so then why?" Lucia asked, her voice getting stronger with each passing minute "Why didn't you just use magic? These people were being mean but that's no reason to just slaughter them like that!" Now that got me angry. I tried to help her and all I get in return is a lecture about how I shouldn't have helped her.

"I wasn't mindlessly slaughtering them, I was protecting you! You and that boy!" I said my voice the loudest it's been in years.

"You could've just put up a shield charm! That way less people would have been hurt." She said angrily. Now I was starting to back down. She was right in a way…but…

"But…they deserved it." I said quietly. Lucia looked at me like I was a parasite.

"No one deserves to be hurt." She said in a strong but definite voice. She turned her back to me and walked away, with Jason and Eric following her like a shadow. A hiccup of silence passed by as I stared as her back got smaller and smaller.

"Well…that was… dramatic," said a voice behind me that clearly wasn't used often. I turned around and saw the gang leader walking towards me. I tensed, ready for an attack. What I wasn't expecting was a pat on the head.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you today, seems like you've been through enough as it is." With that, he walked off leaving me dumbfounded and confused.

When I walked through the front doors of my house, I was greeted with an eerie silence. I found a note pinned to the refrigerator door addressing both Lucia and I.

Dear girls,

Your mother and I have gone out for dinner tonight and will be back at around 12. There's pizza waiting in the oven for you so help your selves and call us if you need anything.


I guessed that Lucia was already home because 2 slices were already missing form inside the box. I grabbed 2 slices and was about to make my way upstairs to my room and watch human movies when I decided that tonight I would sit somewhere else. I made my way into my room but instead of sitting down I put the pizza on my windowsill and went into my dresser. I closed the doors and found myself squished in between my clothes and in pitch black darkness. I muttered a spell that caused my hand to glow like a lantern and let me see messily carved words on the back wall of the cabinet that asked: What do you seek?

"I seek freedom" I whispered. I watched as the wall that should have been the back of my closet melt into moldy stone stairs. I grabbed my pizza and went down the staircase leading to bittersweet memories.