I am the animal,
the savage beast on a hunt.
I am waiting to be saved,
to be buried in my grave.

("I will be cold and blue
but alive. ")

You are the closet monster,
the nothing, chasing in bad dreams.
You taunt me on the mountain ledge,
push me to the very edge.

("Oh, where have I seen this before?
Oooh, yes, this is the way your father looked
before he died. And here's my little secret:
I killed Mufasa!")

She is the savior,
the Jesus you want to crucify.
She is trying to rescue me,
to show me how to see.

("I love you."
Simple as that.)

We dance upon broken glass
in our bare tender feet.
We bare teeth at each other
with our anger not discreet.

Only lies grow in this garden;
no one will confess.
Never stopping, filling our souls:
false smiles, empty bottles, meanness.