What Boredom Leads To

"I'm bored," said Lindsey in bored tone. "I'm bored too," said Lindsey's friend Lesley, in also a bored tone. The two bored preteen girls were sitting on a foul smelling couch in need of Febreeze, preferably vanilla scented, in the living room. And they were too bored to get off of it.

"Oh I know," exclaimed Lindsey sarcastically, "how about we hack into Miley Cyrus's bank account and steal all her money?"

"Okay!" said Lesley excitedly, "But I don't know if the computer teacher taught us how to do that...yet."

"You scumbag, I wasn't serious! That was like saying, 'Hey, let's jump in front of a train and hope it will kill us!'"

"Sorry. This boredom disease is making me not understand a word you and I are saying…bladahexigofusxajefibosjudaf...SOUP!" said Lesley.

"I hate soup," said Lindsey, "especially Campbell's. I mean, what's up with their slogan 'M'm! M'm! Good!'?"

"I think it's catchy," said Lesley. "Okay where is this conversation even going!" said Lindsey.

10 minutes later...Lindsey starts pacing around the room while Lesley is drooling on a pillow. "Ugh!" says Lindsey. She kicked the side of a small bookshelf, not realizing what was on top of it. The expensive glass vase began falling in slow motion. "Nooooooooooo!" said Lindsey as it crashed to floor.

"Man, I've got to stop watching those slow motion movies. Lesley, get the glue, we've got work to do!" said Lindsey. Lesley wiped some drool off her face. "Bye," she called, heading towards the door. "I have to go with my mom to…buy scented candles."