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Chapter one – Escaping death

"Casey! Louise is on the phone!"

Casey sighed and lay her pen back down onto her pale, wooden desk. No matter how many times she tried to complete her English essay, it was just not happening. She scooted over to her bedside table – on her old desk chair - where her phone lived and pressed the green button.

"Lou, hey, what's up?"

"Hey Case, so I was just talking to Jenna and she said that James Matthews asked her to go to the dance with him. I mean, James Matthews! Can you believe it? He is so fit. Anyway, so she didn't even say yes yet and..."

Casey stopped listening to her friend and looked at her watch in dejectedly. She loved Louise, but right then she really needed to do her essay (after all, it was due in the following day) and once Louise started talking, it was usually hours before she stopped.

A sudden scream pierced through the house and Casey jumped. It was a scream full of terror and pain and Casey had never heard anything more frightening before in her life.

She quickly hurried out of her room, dropping the phone to the floor as she went.

"Mum! Dad? You guys okay?"

She was at the top of the stairs, just about to descend when a sudden banging started on the front door. From where she stood, she could clearly see the front door shaking on its old hinges as someone on the outside banged ferociously with the knocker.

"Mum, are you going to get that?" She called out warily.

Her mother appeared at the bottom of the stairs,

"Casey go back in your room please." Casey stared at her mother. She was only 39, but just then she looked as though she could be about 50. Her usually beautiful defined features were taught with worry and her healthy 'glow' had been replaced with a ghostly white. Tear tracks were glistening down her usually rosy cheeks and Casey realised with rising horror, there was blood on her hands, and stained into her pale lavender sweater.

"Mum? What's going on?" Casey started down the stairs, suddenly very afraid.

"NOW CASEY!" Her mother's unusually harsh tone frightened her; she'd never seen her mother this scared, ever. She turned on her heel and ran the short distance back to her room where she slammed the door. Once in her room, she went over what she had just seen; her mother had blood on her hands and it clearly wasn't her own. So whose was it? As scared as Casey was, she had to know what was going on, had to make sure her parents were okay. She slowly eased the door back open, and held her small compact mirror tilted at such an angle so that she could see what was happening at the foot of the stairs, but her mother could not see her.

The banging suddenly ceased and Casey saw her mother's body stiffen before she started to back slowly towards the stairs.

A sudden 'SNICK!', was all Casey heard, but she saw the small round hole in the glass to the side of the door, and she saw her mother jerk and then slowly, tip backwards. She watched on in absolute terror as her mother's body fell lifeless onto the stairs, her still open, sparkling green eyes, staring up at Casey in shock.

Casey dived back into her room and closed the door. She threw her mirror violently across her room, as if it personally had been responsible for the freak show she had just witnessed. Shaking and gagging slightly, she refused to believe what she was seeing. It couldn't be true, she hadn't just seen her mother shot dead. That was impossible, for the movies, not real life. After all, why would someone want to kill them? Her parents were missionaries, like priests, sent all over the world to preach Christianity.

Yet, the image of her mother's lifeless eyes was burned into the back of her retinas and Casey could not deny it.

She opened her door again and crept to the edge of the stairs. Her mother's body was still there and she let out a stifled sob and sort of half fell, half ran down the stairs to see her.

She felt her mother's face, which was still warm and a small amount of hope built up in her mind; maybe her mother was still alive. Her thoughts were quickly trampled when she saw the wound. The bullet had hit her straight in the neck, it had gone straight through the flesh and out the other side, shattering the vertebrae and instantly killing her.

Casey couldn't hold in any longer, she coughed, leant to the side and vomited.

The banging started up again and Casey flinched at each sound; whoever those people were, they had killed her mother. She stumbled to the bottom of the stairs and made to look out of the side window where the bullet had passed through to see if she recognised anyone. But when she stepped closer, she saw her father. He was lying in the doorway to the kitchen, face down.

"Daddy?" Casey stumbled towards him, and knelt down beside him. "Dad?" She barely whispered the words as she rolled him over.

Immediately she wished she hadn't, a single, clean shot was directly in the centre of her father's forehead. He too was dead.

Casey scrambled backwards, looking from her mother to her father. Her shaking was uncontrollable and tears streamed down her face and leaked onto her blue cotton pyjama top.

"No, no, no, no, no..." She found herself muttering over and over again, while the continuous banging rocked the door frame.

Suddenly, she heard a crack and Casey turned in time to see the butt of an AK-47 assault rifle splinter through the front door of her house. She tried to control her racking sobs as she looked on in fear.

The assault rifle retreated, followed up by a black, helmeted face.

Casey's eyes made direct contact with the visor of the helmet,

"Hey Jase, their kid's still in there."

Casey heard the words, but the helmet never moved, just stayed focused on her.

"We leave no witnesses, that's what the mission stated. Understood?" The deep voice, was cold, void of all emotion and Casey flinched back further against the wall in an attempt to shrink away from the voice, even though she could not actually see the person speaking.


As the words registered in Casey's head, the helmet retreated, replaced again with consistent banging.

Finally Casey's brain began to clear through the fog and she finally understood the words exchanged on the other side of the door. Fear lanced through her as adrenalin took over her body and she flew up the stairs to her room, slamming the door behind her once again.

She paced back and forth, fear making her clumsy and dumb.

"What do I do, what do I do, what do I DO!" she lashed out and kicked at her desk. She gasped in pain as pieces of loose paper meant for her English essay flitted everywhere and her pen rolled onto the floor. She knew that any minute, the men could come running up the stairs to assassinate her, just like they did her parents.

Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of the phone and she picked it up hurriedly. What surprised Casey was that Louise was still blundering on about Jenna and that James guy. She knew that Louise could always talk, but man, that just took it to a whole new level.

Without waiting for her friend to pause for breath, Casey just yelled down the line, "Call the police!" She was still crying, so her voice sounded raw and scratchy, she tried again, more forcefully this time, "Louise, call the police, NOW!"

Hearing the panic in her friends voice, Louise finally stopped her rambling to listen, "Casey, what's wrong?"

"Louise, listen to me, please just call the police, my mum and dad they-"Her voice cracked and she swallowed hard before continuing, "They're dead. There's people coming for me Louise, please, help me HELP!"

"What? Is this a joke or something-"

"Louise, do it NOW!" Casey was screaming so hard that her throat physically hurt.

Suddenly her door flew open and Casey turned to see two men, fully clad in what looked like black police body armour, wearing helmet with the visors pulled down and carrying two AK-47 rifles which were both pointed straight at her.

"Next left!" Jo yelled to Mason, who was driving their loaned black land rover. "Hurry, I think they're already there."

"I'm already going 50 in a 20 zone, Jo. Do you want us to die before we even get there?" Mason replied, the sarcasm clear in his voice, but still laced with urgency.

The land rover skidded onto the pavement as it rounded the left hand corner bend, rocking onto two wheels quickly before righting itself again.

"There!" Jo yelled, pointing to a small house at the end of the close, made with red bricks and had a bright blue garage door. "Oh no."

"Stop the van!" The van skidded and the brakes screeched as Mason hurriedly stamped his foot onto the brake pedal.

"Jeez, a little warning next time Leo?"

Leo grinned at Mason before pointing to the side of the house, where an open window was on the first floor.

It was about 10pm outside and in the middle of December so the night was bitterly cold and dark. Therefore, because the light was on in the room, the open window was a way to see inside the house.

Mason eased the land rover a tiny bit closer to the house so they could see inside the house.

As they got closer, Zack, their fourth companion hissed at Mason to kill the engine and for them all to be silent.

He pointed towards a black van, hidden to them previously behind the cover of a rhododendron bush. They all looked at each other with painful expressions before turning back towards the lit up window.

They all knew what the black van meant; they were too late.

Casey dropped the phone in shock and retreated back, away from the men.

"Stop where you are." The first man called and raised his gun in a silent warning.

Casey looked left and right desperately, trying to find something that would help her situation, something she could use as a weapon.

Her back came up against the wall and she flinched, thinking it was another person. Her window sill was digging into the small of her back painfully and the chilly night breeze was giving her goose bumps below her cotton pyjamas.

The men began to move towards her and the one at the front lowered his gun. For a second she thought that the man had lost his nerve and would not harm a child, but then he reached to his belt and pulled out a wicked looking knife. It was super shiny and curved round at the tip.

"I'm going to enjoy this." The man's voice was still cold, evil, but Casey could feel the smile on his lips as he said those words. Even beneath the blacked out visor, it was still visible to her.

She was outright panicking now, shaking so badly that even if she did find a weapon, she didn't think she'd be able to use it.

The wind had picked up and a sudden gust of it sent her long, thick, brown hair blowing about everywhere. An idea formed in her mind. It could easily result in her dying, or breaking bones, but the alternate was being carved into little chunks by Mr Creepy and so she'd take all the escape options she could get.

The Man was within 2 metres of her then, he was taking his time and Casey decided that it was then or never. She suddenly jumped up and dove backwards out of her open window.

The man seemed to realise what she going to do and at the last minute, he made a lunge for her, grapping her pant leg. She dangled out of the window, helpless and kicked out with her feet.

The toes made contact with the man's neck, which was unprotected by the armour, and caught off guard, he released her foot. For a startling few seconds, she fell through the air, before landing with a thud on her back, on the garage roof, a mere 3 metres below her window.

Her fall knocked the wind out of her and she heard a 'crack!' Black spots danced before her vision as she tried to take a breath.

Finally fishing some oxygen into her lungs, the black spots retreated to the edge of her vision and she looked up. The man's helmet was angled her way and as she made a move to sit up, the edge of the rifle appeared, leaning on her window sill.

Casey, tried to move quicker, but a stabbing pain emitted itself from her chest which made the black spots reappear and her breathing to become laboured. She thought it through; the crack must have been one of her ribs.

Making a quick decision she lay back down onto her back and 'log rolled' towards the edge of the garage roof.

The ping of a bullet pierced the roof of the garage where she had been a split second before and Casey increased her roll until she was at the very edge of the garage roof. It was only about 4 metres off the ground, but even still, she knew that the impact would hurt, and could kill her.

Another shot pinged, and she felt a sudden hot stinging sensation in her side. Without waiting to check how bad the damage was, Casey rolled off the edge of the garage roof.

She shut her eyes tight, preparing herself for the impact. However, when she landed, it was not onto the hard gravel that covered the ground by her garage. Nor was it at all painful ( well except for the twinge of her cracked ribs and burning side), but surprisingly... soft.

Casey opened her eyes and found herself being held in the middle of some sort of material.

She tried to sit up but the pain of her ribs made her gasp for breath again.

"Hey, don't worry; we're here to help you."

Casey turned towards the voice, - it was funny, she hadn't even noticed that there were people holding the material- it was from a boy, fairly tall with shaggy brown hair and deep blue eyes.

"My name is Zack, and this is Jo and Leo." He gestured to the other two people, but Casey did not turn to look, instead she stared into his eyes, seeking trust and Zack stared back. "Listen, we need to move and fast so we're going to carry you to the car. Try not to make a sound, these guys are professionals and are going to follow us so we need all the possible head start we can get."

They started to run then, with Casey left bouncing gently up and down on the material.

'Who are these people' She wondered. They were about her age, 15 and yet they seemed like so much more.

They moved like professionals, halting in all the shadows, looking ahead before making a dash and most importantly, they didn't make a sound.

All the while Casey just stared up at the stars feeling useless. She kept seeing the faces of her dead parents and she so desperately wanted to seek revenge for them, but knowing that against these 'assassins' she was useless and more likely to get killed.

Suddenly they stopped. Casey heard a car door open and then she was lifted into the car and placed on the back seat. She took a deep breath and then sat up. The pain was awful and she started to cough.

Suddenly, they heard shouts from the direction of the house.

"Shit! Mason, Drive!" One person jumped into the front and the other two dived into the backseat which Casey had – a few seconds earlier- been occupying.

"Hold on." Mason started up the engine (leaving the lights off to try and keep their profile as low as possible) and then quickly reversed up the road, spinning the land rover around once it met the main road. "Leo, keep a look out, they'll be on our tail like lightning now they know we were there."

"Hey, you okay?" It was a girls voice and Casey turned to see Jo looking at her with concern.

Casey went to reply but instead ended up having another coughing fit.

Jo watched in growing concern when she saw something. She grabbed Casey's hand in hers.

"Oh God, guys, I think we have a problem."

"Is it worse than us running away from psycho assassins?" Asked Mason through gritted teeth as he jerked the steering wheel a hard right.

Zack turned to Jo who was holding out Casey's hand. His eyes widened as well for Casey's hand was slick with blood.

She coughed again, once more and then her body jerked slightly before her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Um, make that two problems." Leo stated from the back of the car. Mason looked in the mirror and cursed,

"They've found us."

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