when i met you and you met me it was still september and we were strange and different and would be for a long time after

- memory of water, reina maria rodriguez

everything is too
sweet- the october air
on my skin, the coffee
i've forced down my
throat is burning raw,
a caustic red.

it's eight a.m. and you've
got the blinds wide open.

no, i say, not yet
(can't you see? i'm not ready
to open my eyes to your world.)

so i shut them closed,
hoping this will make
the worry go away- the
sudden foul taste in my
mouth reminding me it's
not supposed to taste like
this. because

we're not supposed to be
as we are but what we're always
trying to run away from. it's life,
the circle of it, and like itself and
nothing else it goes and goes
and goes and we'll follow it,
always a step behind...