Masked Emotions

A novel

By: Willa Filer Field



I sometimes wonder why things happen when they do. Is it Density pushing you on the path you are supposed to take? Or maybe Fate wanted to play with you, and laugh in your face.

I had everything: Money, famous parents, and every girl at my feet. I was handsome and popular, the prince of my school, but one night changed that nearly forever. The fire took everything I knew, causing me to hide underneath the mask, trying to forget my past.

I left my home city of New York, New York to move in with my Uncle and Aunt, who stayed in my parents' town of Crescent City. They said that I wouldn't regret the move, at first however I did, I hated everything about the town. But that was before I met her.

She doesn't know of the kind of love I once felt, but gives her brother—who is metal challenged/deaf, all the love she can. She has the life opposite from mine before Fate's cruel trick: everyone looks beyond her like she's nothing, but she was truly beautiful from where I stand, her parents died when she was fourteen and her brother a couple months old, and she has to work for her money. But this hasn't changed her happy attitude and her passions for singing and writing. She wears a smile everyday and for everyone.

Now, I've gotten that from people's stories, that part her parents were dead, but the rest, I watched her closely, noticing the things no one else bothered to, and talk to her through the screen name of MaskedLOVER21 on .

Yes, I'm her only friend, and I'm afraid to death of that. Not that I am her friend, because that when I do have to show myself to her, maybe I will lose her too. I cannot take losing my angel. I…I love her. And she is my only contact to my heart…

Again why do things happen? Why did that fire swallow my old life? Why her?