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Unidentified Love



Chapter One

Running through a forest, leaves crunching under foot. Guns were firing all around, narrowly missing me and my family.

CRACK! A gun shot and a scream filled the air.

"Saito!" I heard my mother yell. The bullet had hit its target and my father was dead. My mother ran up behind me, tears and dirt staining her beautiful face, using her body to keep me from sight. The hunters did not know there was a third Mizunashi.

"Miku," Miyoshi, my mother, whispered urgently into my ear. "Hide! Now, before they see you!"

She continued hiding me from sight as I obeyed and shifted from my 9 year old body into a snake, my clothes falling from the slim, reptilian body. My mother scooped up my clothes and watched wistfully as I slithered under a rock, watching the whole thing through narrow snake eyes.

Not long after, I heard a gun-shot and a scream. The bullet hit the only target left; my mother.

I watched horrified as my mother's body fell onto the ground directly in front of me, soaked in blood. She croaked out one last word, "Miku…" She was dead soon afterward, her eyes staring but without seeing me.

The image stuck in my mind. I wasn't able to get rid of it. "Miku…" My mother's words echoed over and over again. -


"Ah!" I yelled into the cool forest air, bolting upright to a sitting position in a cold sweat. I looked around half-expecting to see my parents bodies littered on the floor.

They weren't there and I laughed a nervous laugh at my mistake.

"Just a dream..." I mumbled. "That had happened 7 years ago, but it still feels like it happened just yesterday."

I hadn't had that nightmare in a while, and when I did, it never brought about a good day. I shivered and groaned inwardly at the thought of what could go wrong today. Which was almost everything. My days weren't that successful anyway… Okay, maybe they were usually quite successful, but that didn't mean I enjoyed them. No one suspected me of being a shape shifter, and yet, I had a bad feeling today, a very bad feeling.

I tilted my gaze up to the sky, trying to recollect my thoughts, when I noticed the sun was rising. It was morning and I had school!
Arg! I thought, I'm gonna be late!

I jumped to my feet and quickly grabbed my brush and books, shoving them rather violently into my already worn backpack. I seriously need a new one. I pulled a change of clothes out of my sack, which was old but sturdy, and rolled up the blankets I had slept on.

Before I go on, let me clear this up. Yes, I sleep in a forest, on the ground. I tell no one of this, because they would probably freak out and call me weird. Not that it bothers me. I already know I'm weird but I don't need - or want - any reassurance. Ok, now we can continue.

I stuffed the blankets in the sack before sticking the sack inside a big, hollow oak through a hole. There. My belongings were taken care of.

I took the time to sigh as I picked up my old, tattered backpack and started walking towards the edge of the forest. Getting to school was a hassle, and I did not like changing in a forest near my school – curse you animal bodies! - But sadly, that's the only way to get there.

I rarely had enough money to spare for a train, and I'm definitely not moving to the forest near the school. That place is disgusting.

I'm much more comfortable in this forest. It's out of the way and almost no one ever comes here. Works for me!

As I reached the edge of the forest, I quickly shifted into a hawk, and shook the clothes off of my body. I groaned, which came out as a screech. Hopefully no one heard that, though I bet people did, which meant I had to get out of here quick.

I realized, after I shook my clothes off of course, that I could have left them on and when I transformed back to human form they may have already been on me.
Sadly, my bird brain was too slow to think of that, as was my human brain which just realized that now. Even after doing this for a while.

I sighed, inwardly this time, and lifted off the ground a few inches. With my talons, I grabbed my backpack and my clothes. Sometimes, a bird can be a big help, even with its brain.

I soared into the sky and flew off towards my school.

I wonder what people think of a hawk with a backpack and clothes! I thought, Maybe they think they're hallucinating…

I screech-laughed at that possibility, most likely causing even more people to freak out.

I was soon hovering over the forest near my school. I dived and landed safely on the ground, hidden by trees.

Quickly, I shifted back to normal, changed into the clean clothes, stuffed my dirty clothes into the sack, and picked up my backpack.

I was ready to go…almost. I pulled out my brush and got all the knots out of my light brown hair, pulled my hair into two thin pigtails and let the rest of my hair hang loose down to the middle of my back.

Nothing to do with it anyways, I thought.

I grabbed one last thing, a necklace.

It had a teal colored charm shaped like a tear drop on the end of the silver chain. There was a talon shaped holder keeping the charm in place and on my necklace.

Now I was ready. I was ready to face my schoolmates, even with that horrible feeling that something wasn't going to be to my liking.

End Chapter