When I was 6 I had a really good friend. His name was Kyle. The first time we met, well… he was comforting me when I just got bullied by a bunch of future plastics (A/N: From Mean Girls). He reached out his hand while I sobbed in the dark corner of the classroom, clutching my knees. "Hey Cassidy, Are you okay?" I heard through the sounds of laughter.

I tilted my head up and saw a pair of dark grey eyes, staring at my jade green eyes. He was sort of tanned, and he had messy brown hair that fell slowly as he bent down to help me.

"Look, I'm not really good at this stuff but cheer up okay?" He put his hand in his hair, and looked away, blushing of embarrassment.

I heard myself chuckle, and then found myself laughing loudly. He blushed even more. "H-Hey! It's not funny!"

I laughed even louder. After a few seconds, I told myself to calm down a bit. Still laughing I managed to give him a reply, "Yeah, you're right. I should." I smiled at him, and he gave me a smile back.

He reached out his hand again and said, "Lets go?" I looked up at his mesmerizing eyes and without hesitation I put my hand in his. He gave me a little pull to help me get up to my feet. Then we found ourselves exiting the classroom, hand in hand.

It wasn't long until we got separated, though. My mother was given a job in New York and she just couldn't deny it so we ended up leaving Colorado. Just before we left though, I visited Kyle for the last time.

I told Kyle the bad news and we both started to sob. I felt him put an arm around me, and the other one stroked my copper hair. We both hugged each other for a few minutes; I never thought it would be this painful to lose a friend. He then broke the hug. "Before you go *sniff* I want us to make a promise *sniff*" He muffled.

I rubbed my eyes, nodding. "W-what kind of promise?" I looked at his red face, not wanting to leave.

"Pinky Promise that we would someday meet again." He held out his pinky.

I wasn't sure if we will meet again but I will try… for us. I wrapped my pinky in his and we both started to sing roughly. "It's a promise, if you break it you're a devil…"

As we waved our last goodbye I heard him shout, "Cassidy!" I saw him shuffle through his pocket and brought out two matching necklaces. He ran towards me, panting. "I forgot something… here. – He held up the two necklaces still panting – If you open it, you will find a picture of both of us so we won't forget each other…" He put one necklace on my hand.

The necklace was chained together, and in the middle was a little oval case. I opened it and found the picture of both of us in Riverside Park. Behind us was the tree that we carved on. We wrote:

Cassidy and Kyle were here

I closed the case then started clutching on the necklace. I looked up and saw Kyle staring at me. He let out a sad smile.

I stood on my tippy-toes (since he was taller then me) and kissed him in the cheek. He turned beet red. I smiled at the thought. "Goodbye," I said again and ran to my mother.

I looked back and saw him grinning happily. "I'm glad I cheered him up a bit." I told myself and went in the taxi-leaving town.