Chapter 18: A+ in School, F in Love

A few months later (End of school year)

I squealed in excitement as I approached my parents with my test sheet on my hand. "A plus! A plus!" I screamed, jumping up and down.

My parents gasped in surprise, and wrapped their arms around me in a tight embrace.

"We're so proud of you!" my mother said.

My dad chuckled with his hands on his hips, "I think she's ready for her senior year."

"Heck yeah I am!" I said, running up to my room, immediately. I grabbed my cellphone and dialed Kim's number.

"Hello?" she answered.

I squealed and jumped up and down again, "I GOT AN A PLUS! A PLUS!"

I could literally feel her roll her eyes, "Don't be so boastful, Cass. What subject?"

If you're wondering, she made a new nickname for me; Cass. I smiled, "Trig."

"As in like the subject you were failing?"

I nodded even though she couldn't see me, "Were but not anymore!"

"I'm so glad, even though you sort of make me feel bad…" her tone lowering into a whisper.

"Haha, Kim. You are waaaay smarter than me, I only got ONE A+ the others are B's. You get straight A's!" I said, every single word was true.

"True, true." We both laughed but it all died down when she asked a question.

"Are you going to prom?"

Something, I did NOT want to hear, because it brought too many memories about… him. I froze at the question, flashbacks appearing on my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block it all, but failed at the attempt.

"U-um…" I stuttered. "I-I don't think so."

"It's tomorrow and its going to be lots of fun! Come on, Cass, you'll be surprised who my date is," she said. She also has an A+ in love, I thought, hoping I didn't say it out loud.

"Why don't you tell me who it is, since I'm not going?"

She sighed, "Cass! You'll go as a stag, stags aren't so bad."

I sighed back, "Kim! I don't want to go! Please, try to understand."

I could imagine shaking her head in disappointment, "Okay, but if you ever change your mind, I will drop your dress tomorrow, since I picked out a dress that I thought would TOTALLY fit you."

"Thank you Kim, but I don't think the dress would be necessary."

"Cassidy! Don't be such a killjoy! Try to at least make the end of your year enjoyable," she replied.

"I don't know…" I said, unsure.

"I'm dropping the dress weather you like it or not!" she said, as I heard a voice in the background calling her. "I'm sorry Cass, but I've got to go, at least make me see what you look in your dress?"


She groaned simply frustrated, "Cassidy! You're impossible!"

"And I'm keeping it that way," I replied, nonchalantly.

"Anyway Cass, see yo-" But she didn't finish as I interrupted her, for a question that I just remembered and wanted to be answered, since my curiosity was killing me!

"Wait! You didn't answer the question! Who's your date?"

She hesitated for a moment before saying a name I knew,


And that's the last word she said before hanging up.

Ohmygosh. Sky and Kim? So cute! She better tell me all the details! I thought before plopping down on the couch, to start a movie marathon.

I woke up and took a long stretch along with a yawn. I blinked several times before seeing the numbers written on the clock in a red, digital font.

4:00 PM it read.

I must've woken up at this time since my movie marathon lasted the whole night. I sat up; still drowsy from the all-nighter I pulled.

I rubbed my eyes groggily, once done; I noticed the pure white dress hanging on my closet. I slowly hopped off my bed, and stepped closer to the dress.

The dress was about knee-high, and was a tube but not one of those tight tubes, the bottom was floppy and there was a black ribbon tied around the waist area.

I dragged my hand down the silky fabric when suddenly a note fell. I picked it up and started to read:

Hey Cass!

Like I said, I dropped your dress, but you weren't awake! So I just left it on the closet, and you sure are lucky I'm not there to force it on you! That's dress costs some greens, so you better wear it… someday? Haha. I really want to see you wear it! Argh, but I had to leave and prepare myself for Prom, so excited!

Hugs and Kisses,


I laughed at her letter, it was entertaining, and kept me awake. After, laughing, I stared at the dress for another moment. It was beautiful, but would it look beautiful on… me?

I tried to imagine myself in it but every time I did, I would imagine myself being laughed at, since I don't think I would look as beautiful as the dress. I would imagine Alana and her bitchy friends making fun of me saying, "I think you should give that dress to someone whose actually nice-looking."

I sighed, Amazing dress but I don't think it would suit me. I ran my hand through the silk again, savoring the moment because this may be the last time I will ever get to see such a beautiful, pure white dress.

I plopped back down on my bed, flipped open my laptop.

For a few hours, I did some facebook, and watched some smosh, kevjumba, or nigahiga videos on youtube. I did some time check, and this time it read, 8:00. The time Prom would start.

I wonder how Sky and Kim are doing? I thought.

I was bored, definitely, so I quickly went on iTunes and played some songs. I started nodding my head to the beat of my favorite song, and once it came to the chorus, I stood up and started dancing.

"Baby, you light up my world like nobody else!" I sang to the top of my lungs, doing some air guitar moves. "The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell… YOU DON'T KNOW OH OH. YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"

But before I could continue the rest of the song I heard a faint knock on my door, following with a faint voice calling my name, "Cassidy?"

"Yes Mom?" I said, while lowering the volume of my music. I swung open the door to my bedroom. "Yes?" I asked again.

"There's something I found a long time ago at the pocket of your jacket, but forgot to give to you until today," she said, chuckling, and opening her hand to reveal something I forgot, and wanted to keep that way. "Sorry, I'm growing old, and so is my memory, haha."

I forced a smile, my hand shaking as I took that something. I clutched my hand trying to hide any evidence of it being in my hand. "Thanks mom," I replied, shakily.

She smiled, "No problem."

I went back to my room, slowly closing the door shut. I opened my hand staring at the present, which gift-wrappings flashed many colors. It was small, like a case that holds wedding rings. There was a card that came with it, and I nervously opened it:

To Cassidy,

Hey, I don't really know how to start this but, Happy Birthday. I'm really sorry about everything that has happened between us, and I can sense you hate it. Cassidy, I really like you, and I've always had, ever since we were 6. You may be surprised at how I remember but how I do, lies in the present.



I was even more scared to open the present, but I needed to. Opening the present, I came face-to-face with like I said, a blue velvet wedding ring case, though, I knew there was no ring inside, definitely.

I took deep breaths as I opened the case. I gasped as I stared at the present, because there it laid, the thing I've been searching for, from the day I lost it.

There laid the necklace.

So he found it? I thought, tears forming in my eyes, as I kept a hand over my mouth. Then something very surreal happened, I started to realize my mistakes.

The tears came streaming down my face harder and harder, as I thought about how wrong I was to reject Kyle, and his confession. How I never thought about thinking of what he would feel but just kept thinking about myself. "I'm so stubborn!" I whisper-shouted at myself.

I gripped at the case, closing my eyes shut, thinking of ways to go back, and explain. I opened my eyes as an idea popped into my mind, grabbing my cellphone I texted Kim:

Who's there in Prom?

A second later she texted back:

Meaning ur childhood lover?

Yes, Kim knows about it, I told her everything. Ever since the day of my birthday, I needed to vent away my all my complications, anger, sadness, and… love. In order, for me to do that, I decided to tell Kim.

I tapped down on my QWERTY keypad:

Yeah is he there?

She definitely, didn't hesitate to text back, for it came in less than a second:

He's right here but why r u asking?

I took a deep breath before texting her why:

Because I'm going to Prom.

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