Chapter 1

Damon's POV

I still remember the first time I ever saw her. I had never believed in love at first sight before then. I have not believed in happy endings since then. At least not for me.

My best friend introduced me to her. Whiskey haired and chocolate eyed beauty. His Fiancée. Not even girlfriend, no they were beyond that. They were getting married. They were in love and all I could do was watch, and try my damndest to hide my jealousy.

I was the best man at the wedding.

That was four years ago.

I left the country before they came back from their honeymoon. I haven't seen them in all this time and not even once stepped on my home soil. Now all that is changing. I am back, to attend Pierre's funeral. My friend, my best friend that I was so jealous of for so long is gone. I never even got to say good bye. No one did. The accident just happened.

I stood there, at the funeral reception, after the heartfelt service. I watched as people walked up to her and gave their condolences. I watched as she accepted it all with grace and dignity. Her back was straight as an arrow and her eyes were without a single tear. I even heard the gossip that she had not cried, not even once. I stood there silently, aside just watching. I knew that Pierre had had no family who was close to him, and I knew neither did Mia. They had been each other's family. Now it was all gone.

Everyone had left and I still could not face her. What was I to say? I was sorry that the man I loved like a brother was dead? I was sorry that her world had crumbled?

I saw as a single tear finally rolled down her left cheek. I could not stop now. I walked towards her.

She looked up and the misery I saw in those chocolate brown eyes was staggering. Another tear rolled down her cheek. I still had no words for her, so I just pulled her close and hugged her.

That was when the tears came, silent at first and then in choking sobs. I moved her to a chair and sat there cradling her close. Doing for her what no one would do anymore. Comforting her.

Mia cried until she nearly fainted from it. I never said a word but I kept holding her close long after she had stopped crying.