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I gripped the piece of cardboard in my hands, which was supposedly meant to be a menu. But I hadn't glanced at it. Usually whenever I go into any form of building which serves food I am ordering the biggest helping off the menu. Not today. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the cardboard even more. He had entered the room, my asset. I had to kill him. I had to get the ninety carat diamond off him. Revenge has its perks.

"He's in." I whispered, my jaw barely moving the sound almost a breath. I didn't have to speak or even whisper. A tiny needle rested under my skin on my jaw picking up the tiny vibrations, transmitting them to my partner. Peter.

He was sat in a sheltered booth of the restaurant tapping away into his laptop, the glare from the screen reflected onto the window next to him. A recording of his own voice played back the message he typed to me.

"I see him. You know we can back out now?" even a recording he sounded worried. Always worried.

"We're so close." I murmured fiddling with the gold bracelets around my wrists. "I need him gone."

My asset sat down at a table opposite me, his bleached hair shone oddly in the restaurants lighting and his deep brown eyes hide the secrets which are about to be spilled. The suit he was wearing was a bit too flashy for my taste but when have you ever seen a billionaire in jeans and a top?

"Alright, its now or never."

My eyes briefly drifted off to Peter he caught my gaze for a few seconds before I looked away. We couldn't look suspicious. Not now.

I paced the menu on the table and stand up. The balls of my feet instantly screaming out in pain as I walked over to his table, the steady clunk of my heels tell of my presence and he watched me as I walk over. I hoped the tight dress was short enough and the excessive amount of jewellery.

"God you look hot." Peter said. He was always flirting with me. But he never did anything about it.

I gave my asset my most seductive smile. "This seat taken?"

"Not at all." He said giving me once over. His eyes flashed as he glanced over to his accomplice usually seen as a bodyguard. I know he isn't -who is sat across the room. He didn't seemed to mind that I was fourteen and wearing clothes made for older women.

I sat down and extend my hand. "Sophie White." My fake name, my fake life, but he didn't need to know that.

"Sir Mark Lucas the third." He said proudly beckoning the nearest waiter over. "You may have seen me recently in the news?"

I nodded and smiled. Of course I had. I had been tracking him for the last two months; I had taken notes of his 'discovery' of the diamond. Peter and I both knew it's stolen. Mark Lucas runs a business of a sort. Its services are known worldwide but nobody knows that it is linked to him. Mark and his men rape and murder rich women for their jewels and money. That wasn't the only reason I wanted to slit his throat. My sister fell to his mercy a year back; she turned up in a dumpster a week later.

"Can I have a glass of champagne, two glasses. One for this pretty lady." He winked at me.

"He makes me sick." Peter's voice echoed into my ear piece and I almost jolted in fright. I had forgotten that he was there. "You are drop dead gorgeous, but he is taking advantage. Do not fall for his charms."

"I won't." I breathed. "And be quiet so I can concentrate."

I smiled and made light conversation with Mark, giving him a sense of false security. I couldn't help but think this man killed my sister. I grew more and more tense as the evening wore on. I was sure he had seen past my facade when he asked for the bill.

"Would you mind if I walk you home?" he asked throwing a wad of bills on the table.

"Not at all." I said reaching out and placing my hand on his.

"I'll follow you in the van." Peter said as I walked out the door dangling off Sir Mark Lucas's arm.

We strolled under the streetlights, the night is silent and we don't speak. I indistinctively reached for the dagger strapped to my leg, feeling its coolness gave me a sense of relief. We turned down a dark alley.

"Why are we going this way?" I asked trying to sound scared and confused.

"It's a short cut, don't worry." He said lacing his fingers into mine.

I know he's lying through his teeth. "Oh! Ok!" I gave him my most convincing drunk girl giggle "I thought you were some big bad man for a second!"

"I would never hurt such a pretty little girl." He whispered in my ear, we've stopped far enough out of sight. His breath was warm on my ear and I held my breath.

Mark leaned down and kissed me softly, I tried not to gag. The thought of what he did raced through my mind. This was my chance. He shoved me against the wall his eyes gleamed. My head cracked against the stone wall and it took me a second to realise what he was about to do. I wondered if he did this to every girl. Down a dark alley in a big city.

"What are you doing?" I choked on the brink of tears.

"Nothing you won't like." He grinned.

He had my hands pinned beside my head as he pressed himself to me. I could see the diamond ring on his pinky finger. So close, yet so far. I had to reach my dagger. I struggled against his grip keeping up my scared girl facade. Even though I knew I could crush him.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way." He growled menacingly.

I wrapped my legs around his hips and smiled warmly.

"You are an intelligent girl." He laughed not at all fazed by my sudden attitude change; he let my hands go and wrapped his them around my waist. I let my hands drop to the dagger strapped to my thigh beneath the fabric of my skirt.

I brought the blade to the back of his neck, the blade shone in the moonlight before it disappeared into his flesh. He tried to get away. Tried to punch me, scrape me. I just brought the blade deeper.

"Simon!" Mark gasped.

I detangled myself from his grip and spun him against the wall holding the dagger at his throat. "He won't be coming." I said smiling slightly. "Do you remember her?"

"Who?" He moaned.

"Elizabeth Constance? Actress?" I said calmly. "You murdered her? A year ago?"

"No. I don't know what you're talking about."

That was the wrong answer. I slid the blade across his soft skin digging it into the flesh. The skin bursts like the walls of dam and warm blood slid down my fingers. I let go of his limp body and he fell to the floor with a thud.

A shocked expression is etched into his features as he stared blankly at the stars above. I don't feel a single ounce of regret. I wondered if I will. I reached down and grab the ring off his finger and I place it in my pocket.

"It's done." I whispered into the darkness.

"You ok?" Peter's voice came through my ear piece but I knew he was behind me when he placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Nobody saw you? Or me?" I asked.

"No, I made sure. We should dispose of his body quickly though." He said, his voice cracked and I knew he's scared.

I turned to face him his blue eyes searched my face worry deep in their depths. "Let's get out of here. You can stay at my place tonight. Dad won't mind."

We lifted Sir Mark Lucas the third into the back of the van and laid him next to Simon, his bodyguard. Who had bloody hole in his head which told me Peter used his gun. Hopefully with the silencer.

"I really dislike doing this." Peter mumbled as we slammed the doors shut and hop into the front of the van.

"Well, it's the last killing we will do. Besides I needed your amazing brain for this one job, you will never see me again. You won't have to do this." I said as tears threaten to fall down my face. Peter was going to be moving to England with his family. I was being left in New Zealand, far away from him.

"I wish I didn't have to leave. England is so far." He sighed as we turned onto the motorway heading away from The Mount and towards Tauranga.

"Me too." I closed my eyes and faced the window. I can't cry in front of Peter.

The car slowed and I looked out the window. It's my house. The overgrown lawn reached behind the fence and towards the house.

"We need to dispose of the bodies!" I said turning to face Peter who was staring ahead.

"No we don't. I do." He turned to look at me his eyes glassy. "Good bye Laura Constance."

He leaned towards me a kissed me. I had never been kissed before; by someone I actually liked and wasn't going to kill. It was over too quickly and I was left sat in the passenger seat unmoving.

"Don't go." I whispered.

"I have to."

I knew the tears were about to fall and I leaped out of the van before they could pour down my face. I run towards the house through the long grass and stop by the front door. I turn and wave to Peter for the last time. He disappears into the night. I never knew for sure if he disposed of the bodies. But at least nobody found them. It was all over the news for months, but nobody thought to question me.

My old life was bad, more than bad. I've tried for the past four years to get my life in order. My name is Laura Constance, I am eighteen and this is my story.