You make me tumble
In the dessert with the wind
Like tumbleweed
But you do so much more as well
You make me come undone
like a birthday present
Except I already know what it is
You make my eyes turn into big colors
Like warping paper
But you also make me feel special
And I love when you go all the way
To mars for me
Just to see me smile
And once in awhile when I hate you
You dance the macarena in your boxers
Just so I can have a laugh
Just so I forget why I'm mad
Just like you always do
You make me smile
Like Ronald McDonald
And I like it
Every moment
I spend with you
I like it more then I should
Every memory is a scrap book page
And every scrapbook page is framed
Dedicated to you
A mystery
And a open book
You're two flavors of ice cream
And I'm your swirl
I like you
More than I ever should
I really am into you