Affected? Affected?

I wasn't bloody affected. What was there to be affected by? In fact, I am so not affected that I'm probably the person filled with the most, unaffect in the whole wide world!

I felt his hot gaze on my back and instantly stiffened, my memory drawing to only fifteen minutes earlier. When I was innocently (cough) making my way to History, power-walking because I was already five minutes late, I was unceremoniously pulled into an empty classroom (oh, how cliched,) and...

Well. Anyway. What happened didn't matter, the point is, I was not affected. There was nothing to be affected by, Jesus.

Oh but the soft curve of his lips, and the way he held my face gently, like I was precious to him.

"Adam," I had burst out in shock, "I- what the hell do you - you just -"

"Kissed you senseless?" Adam grinned at me, pressing his lips to my forehead.

"You can't do that!" I gasped, shoving him away weakly. Shit, I wanted him to keep holding me like this.

"Why not?" Adam pulled back, looked intently into my eyes. "Am I affecting you in any way, Maggie?"

I had pushed him away, harder this time and bolted towards History. He had followed in a few minutes later, winking at me when I accidentally caught his eye. Bastard. How dare he just kiss me like that, without any warning! But his voice, and damn Adam could kiss - shut up, treacherous mind! Shut up, under no circumstances are you allowed to think about him/his lips/the kiss. In fact, I order you to wipe out the entire past twenty minutes. Go on.

...Minds these days! They obey no one, gosh.

"...Mr. King, would you kindly stop staring at Miss Hendricks and take notes?"

There was silence. My face burned for no reason, but I couldn't help but turn and glower at Adam King, who, gave the teacher his trademark smirk and said, "Sorry teach, I can't help it if I find Hendricks' ponytail more interesting than your class."

Several people sniggered, and I chose to stare at the ceiling, because it's just so fascinating, damn it.

"Detention, Mr. King."

The bell rang, but no one moved yet - everyone wanted to hear the famous Adam King, bad boy and the class clown (how he defied the normal stereotypes is beyond me) of Bridgestone High, retort. But not me, no. I packed my things as fast as I could and beat the crap out of there, but not before I heard,

"I'll see you then, teach, but excuse me, I need to catch that girl."

I sprinted. (Coach would be so proud of me.)



Marie-Beth a.k.a my best friend scrutinized my face. "Maggie, are you okay?"

I gave a start, successfully upsetting Dylan's soda all over the table. Marie-Beth and Parker sniggered.

My cousin glared at me. "You're paying for that." I nodded. Dylan's face mirrored horror. "You're agreeing with me?" I waved a hand absently. He turned a horrified face towards Marie-Beth and Parker and whispered, "is this the bloody twilight zone or something?"

Stupid idiot, can't even whisper properly.

"Maggie?" Marie-Beth said cautiously, as Dylan not-so-discreetly edged away from me. "Are you okay, honey?"

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

"Maybe she's in a coma," Parker suggested.

"No," Dylan said in a hushed voice, although why the heck am I hearing hope in the both of their voices? Assholes.

"Maggie." Oh, shit, oh no. I shut my eyes. But again, my mind disobeyed my order and brought up the memory of Adam catching up to me after History (well, I sort of forgot he was on the track team) and hauling me into (surprise surprise) another classroom, and ... well. Anyway. What happened didn't matter. He'd laughed after we participated in... uh making out, pushing away a strand of my hair from my face, his brown eyes so honest, warm, that I believed him. "You're so pretty."

Ohhhh no no no no nooooo. This was Adam. Adam, who used to try his best to land paper planes in my hair, and who didn't let anyone tell me that he'd stuck one to the back of my ponytail after I walked around school for half of the day until Parker gazed vacantly at me and said, "Can you make me a paper plane, too?". Damn you, stupid flipping butterflies in my tummy, so what if he was a good kisser, chances are he was only doing it to mess with my head.

"...I think she's dead." Parker commented.

" really think so?" Dylan. There was a scuffle and two quiet "ow"'s so I assumed Marie-Beth, my lovely best friend had smacked them on their heads on my behalf.

I heard movement and felt someone touch a good ten inches or so away from my pulse area in my wrist.

"Oh my god, there's no pulse."

Well, I sincerely hope Parker has no ambitions of becoming a doctor.

"I'm not dead, you idiots," I opened my eyes and scowled. The nerve of Dylan to look disappointed! I flung my banana at him.

Parker, a big foodie, glared at me. "Why did you have to waste the banana?"

"I wasn't gonna eat it anyway, it had brown spots on it."

"So? Why d'you have to be such a banana racist!"

I rolled my eyes as Marie-Beth gave him another smack behind his head. Dylan and Parker settled quietly to eat their lunch. Marie-Beth, however, leaned towards me.

"Are you alright, Maggie? Seriously. I can tell you're jumpy."

"Noooooo, no," I laughed. "I'm perfectly fine." I just made out with Adam King twice today, and I can't stop thinking about him, that's all. But I can always count on Marie-Beth to make me feel better.

"Okay," she leaned back, and gave me a benign smile. I was beginning to relax already. "Because Adam's been looking at you all this while."



Sigh, English is so boring. Thank god it's the last subject for the day.

Don't get me wrong, I love English, it's just that the class was so boring. Not to mention Mrs. Duncan who seems to think that every word can have a galaxy of feeling behind it. Exhibit A, going on right now.

"..the sky was dark," she read a line from the book. "Now, what do you think that means? Perhaps it suggests that the poet was in a temper, a bad mood, or maybe he was having a bad day. Maybe he lost something precious to him, maybe he was pondering the meaning of life as he stared at the dark sky..."

And maybe the poet meant that it was about to rain, god.

There was silence. A few people sniggered appreciatively.

Oh, crap. I said that out loud.

"Well, Miss Hendricks," Mrs. Duncan's voice sounded icy; brrrrrr. "How would you like to share a famous quote with the class?" That's the way she deals out punishment, by the way.

"Um," I was quite distracted by the shade of brown on my neighbor's keyring; it reminded me of Adam's eyes, gentle, as he... oh shit, I had to answer her. "Um." I got up to reply. "Hrnnnnnnnng?"

Mrs. Duncan looked unwillingly surprised. "What kind of a quote is that? Who is it from?"

"Um.. Chewbacca?"



The bell rang and I left the classroom, face burning, as Mrs. Duncan had spent the remaining five minutes giving me extra homework to complete as punishment. I wasn't complaining, to be honest, I'd rather do extra work than get detention.

I closed my locker door, sighing as I realized I had to walk home today since stupid idiot also known as my cousin Dylan had to stay back for practice (I know, I was amazed a dimwit like him could get on the basketball team) and therefore I had to choose between waiting 3 extra hours or walking home. I made my way through the throng of students, waving goodbye to Marie-Beth, who was going in the opposite direction to her book club meeting. Oh, I love that bookworm.

I rounded a corner and spotted Adam with his back turned towards me, putting books in his locker. I frowned at the back of his head for a moment, before striding over and tapping his shoulder. He turned around, his look of surprise melting away as soon as he saw me, and I crossed my arms.


"Uh," Adam looked confused. Aw, cute.

"What happened to your kiss-Maggie-every-time-I-see-her-today policy?"

He smirked. "It's changed."

"Oh?" Shit, was he just messing around with me?

"Yeah." He tilted his head to the side, watching me. And then, sort of hesitantly, like he was actually scared, he added, "the new policy requires the kiss-ee to be the girlfriend of the kisser."

"Ah." Ehehehehehehe. I see.


I shall let him stew in suspense for a minute of two. This is revenge for making me walk around with paper planes! Thank you karma.

"Shit, Maggie, say something."

I maintained my blank face to scare him, and then I winked. "Okay."

"Okay?" He sounded like he didn't dare to believe me.

"Well if you don't want to..." I made to step away, but his hands caught me quickly.

"No. I mean," Adam dropped his hand to hold mine, "Yes. Yes." He grinned at me, brown eyes warm.

"One thing I need to know though. Why the heck did you subject me to paper plane torture last time?"

He shrugged. "I dunno, it made you notice me more I guess." Before I could do more than gawk in disbelief (I mean seriously, notice him? Dude! Once He also superglued lots of his planes to my bag, I eventually gave up and just bought a new bag, for crying out loud) he shut his locker door and tugged my hand gently. "C'mon, I'll take you home."

"Uh, no you won't. You have detention."

"No, I have to make out with my girlfriend."

I couldn't help but laugh.




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