I have a choice,

My choice is to hope,

To hope and believe

That one day it will get better,

That one day I will understand.

God gave me a purpose,

Though what I am not sure,

But I'll keep fighting till I find it,

You can cut me down

You can tell me lies,

But what you can't do is tell me otherwise.

I have the freedom to believe,

The freedom to speak it too,

And I'll stretch that freedom farther than you

Knock me down

And I'll get back up,

'Cause I'm ready for the challenge

No matter what you throw my way,So give it your best shot,

See what it takes,

To hurt a girl so proud,

So true,

A girl who stands before you,

Too ready,

To opinionated for her own good.

I'll stand here,

And hope and believe in what I whish,

While you can do otherwise,

I don't plan on causing problems,

But dare to tell me off,

And I'll knock you down with me.

Cause if I fall,

You're coming with me.