The things you remember in the spur of the moment. Déja vu. Old memories. That wonderfully familiar feeling.



Like a song that I heard in my childhood but forgot I knew until I heard it again.

Like a game I hadn't played since I was 8 and had forgotten about.

(Cops & Robbers, Simon Says...)

Like a T-shirt I never knew I had until I saw it again in an old photo.

Like skipping rhymes I remember from my younger days that I almost forgot.

(Blue bells Cockle shells, Teddy Bear...)

Like the flavour of a snack that I didn't know was still being sold until I see it on store shelves again.

Like going back to my elementary and remembering my old school routine.

(Lunch in the gym, being shooed out of the halls, 12:00 Fridays...)

Like a habit I had when I was a child and was reminded of by an old video.

Like recalling what kind of books I liked to read.

(Clifford the Big Red Dog, Magic Tree House, Animal Ark...)

Like the interests and pastimes that I can't recall I had before technology took over.

The regret and frustration that comes with the inability to remember...

Like the envy I feel towards my childhood

When I realize that I can't remember how to enjoy life the way I did when I was a kid.

And now I wonder...

How did these precious memories fade away without me knowing?

Now you know one more thing about me.

One of my favourite emotions; one that I will never forget the feeling of, no matter how many other things I will lose sight of.