I'm Burning In A Fire I Can't Escape.


I'm caught unexpected
My wall has collapsed.
And all too quickly, I'm consumed by the flames.
The pain splits my forehead.
My wits are lagging
My cheeks are burning
My movements are slow
My body is heavy
Lights flash in my vision
My appetite is refusing.

The way people look at me,
Waiting for a response
I am too tired to give.
The energy to move, to speak, to thinkā€¦
Is Gone.

The way I sluggishly drop into bed
Too hot for sweat-drenched pajamas
or thick suffocating quilts
Yet too cold for anything less.
At first I cannot sleep
Then slumber captures me
And traps me in a blind cage
For several impossible hours.

And when I get better
I can't remember a thing
From when I was burning in cold fire.