He appeared before me.

I knew I should run

That I should flee

But his memerzing gaze held me bound under his spell

I was trapped,

Drowing in the inky blackness of his eyes

Without realizing what had happened

I was backed up against the hard, inflexible wall

He took a step closer

His eyes devoured my body

I could feel heat radiating from his body

As he liked his lips, my throat went dry

Scorching my delicate skin through layers of petticoats

I was lost.

The flames of desire stole my breath away

As anticipation welled up within me

I was lost in the fierceness of his kiss

His unyeilding body supporting mine

As his hands splayed over my back

His tongue ravished my mouth

Storming the castle of my innocence

Agressively presueing his eventual conquest

His hands moved lower

Searing my core

Feasting on the forbidden fruit of my desire.