"Is she okay?" Tyzura anxiously holds her friend's hand as she looks desperately at the school nurse.

"Yes, yes, she's fine. She's just... dehydrated." The nurse doesn't know what is wrong with the girl, but this is a good school with good pay and she isn't about to lose her job here. "You'd better get to class."

Tyzura nods and exits the office while secretly thinking that the nurse is an idiot. Not only did she see Azuree drink at least five full glasses of water already today, but she also remembered the time when cut off the very tip of her finger with a knife during lunch. The nurse told her that as long as she didn't touch it, she would be fine. An infection had set in the next day and she'd had to go to the hospital.

Azuree's eyes blink open just as Tyzura leaves. Without sitting up or moving in any way, her eyes dart around the room, checking to make sure none of the gray, lifeless corpses are in here. When the coast is declared to be clear, she jumps quietly off the bed. She doesn't need the nurse's help, the bumbling fool that woman is.

She finds her backpack and computer sitting in the main part of the office. Grabbing them, she walks off to class and hopes that the teachers won't ask about the incident. Unfortunately, the next class is with Tyzura, and she would most definitely try to get Azuree back in the nurse's office. Sometimes being to caring can be annoying. Perhaps she would just have to wait until sixth period to rejoin the school.

In the time before sixth period would start, Azuree decides to go out onto the basketball courts for some fresh air. She thinks that what she saw early is probably a hallucination from lack of sleep, stress, or even dehydration, as the nurse said. Actually, she is only guessing that that was the nurse's excuse; she had been unconscious at the time of the announcement.

Meanwhile Tyzura sits in class talking to her group of friends, animatedly recalling the mysterious disappearing act that her cell phone had been performing a few years ago. Her heart's not into it, because she's still worried- extremely worried- about her friend.

Azuree is fine, of course, or so she thinks. She grabs a ball and starts dribbling it. Although she's not involved in many sports, she's pretty athletic and coordinated. Making basket after basket calms her down and she sinks into a routine, shooting, dribbling around the court, coming up to the basket, and shooting again. It's relaxing, and since this had been her method of meditation for most of her high school life, she doesn't even need to focus too much on the actions. Although afraid to consider it herself, she thinks she may be going crazy.

She dismisses that thought, and then tries to focus on the basketball. Finally settling on dehydration as the main cause, she puts away the basketball. She checks her watch but she still has half an hour before the end of sixth period.

She decides to do her AP Ancient Egyptian homework until the period ended. It would definitely take up enough time. Although in the AP course, she is struggling to keep up.

As she is pulling the packet of the new Egyptian glyphs they are learning, she begins to feel faint.

Falling backwards onto the asphalt of the courts, she lets out an ear piercing shriek for what amounts to be the second time in barely as many hours.

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