Cold feet cold hands cold body,
Cold soul.
Icelocked heart in castle of cold stone and steel,
Frozen fortress of solitude and discipline.

Pull on the coats, the scarves, the gloves,
The boots for slogging through snow.
Wear the warmth they bring like thick layers of clothing,

Scarves pull at your neck, gloves tighten across your hands,
Betrayal from those closest.
Shrug them off and shoulder them aside,
Cold again.

Crackling fire, smell of smoke, burning wood,
Fireplace at the end of the universe in your private den.
Warm drinks warm body warm thoughts.
Warm soul.

Work to be done, clothes pulled on once more,
Tentative cooperation from the ones around you.
Trust gone?
No, we're far too forgiving.

Hard work cold day harsh wind,
Faintly whispered complaints.
Shared grins shared smirks shared laughs,
Shared smiles.

And so life goes on.