Author Note: Hi! This is one of my old stories which I wrote back in Grade 2 or 3 so it is pretty rough. Currently it is unbetaed but I will look at getting it betaed. This is technically the second in the series however the first one is still incomplete so I will need to complete it before posting. This story is still fairly short but it was written a while ago. I hope you enjoy reading this and I love reviews!

Wild Wests


* Ben # Jamie

* Hi, I'm Ben a private eye. Well almost, I've only solved one case. "Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong." That's the bell, off to English period. Now let's see, I am 5 foot 11, darting blue eyes and blond hair. I love sports and solving mysteries. I live in Adelaide with a normal family and a very calm brother. Well, I did give him some excitement with the last mystery. Yes! One point to me.

# That's my crazy brother for you, Hi, I'm Jamie, Ben's older brother, the calm one. I'm seventeen, six foot tall; I have black hair and soft brown eyes. I love sport and am starting to like mysteries. At the moment Ben's darting down the hall like he is playing AFL. Uh, oh, here comes the principal. Ben's going to get into trouble! Oops, he just did. Oh well, off to bail him out.

* Here I am getting dragged to the principal's office, with my brother following. I'm used to this so it doesn't hurt much when my ear gets twisted. Uh, oh she is going to twist my ear. Oooww! Boy, that was harder than usual and I have just come back from putting robbers in jail. Well it's nice when it's remembered.

# "Um, Mrs White Hill my brother really didn't mean to" I apologised. After a long lecture my brother was free. "Bro that was a close one," I exclaimed. I sighed, my brother gets into trouble a lot and soon he will get expelled. But that's his fault!

* The day went on at a slow pace but I made it through. It's now home time and Tim, Gina, Jamie, Michelle and I are going to the beach. It was a short walk down to the beach and there were very few pedestrians. Michelle and I parted from the group to go to a special cove only we knew of. The walk to the cove was a lot longer than the first walk but we didn't care, we wanted the exercise!

# After Ben and Michelle left we threw our bags down and raced down to the water's edge, out to the buoy and back. I plunged in getting well ahead of the others. I walked into the water a bit then dived. The water was refreshingly cool and calm. Tim was catching up so I pushed ahead and he was lost in my wake.

* By now we were at the cove, the water was calm and the sand was silky and white. We dropped our bags and climbed the rocks. Once we went far enough we looked over our shoulders and saw the others racing. Jamie was in the lead. As we were looking at our friends someone snuck into the cove, as we found out later. We took one last look and turned back to the water and jumped in.

# I had passed the buoy and was half way back. The others were doing breaststroke because they were tired but I wasn't! Two metres to go, one. Yes! I had won. I sat on the beach to catch my breath then struck out to help the others. I helped Gina then Tim, both were very tired.

* We played in the water a while then sat on the beach. Just in the middle of the discussion a sack was put over our heads. We struggled frantically but all we got was a grunt. Questions were racing through my mind, who did this? Why? We were trapped!

# "Guys it's been 2 hours and they are still not here" I said. I was worried, where could they be? It was a mystery and what was worse we didn't know where they had gone. What a disaster! We were supposed to be at home. We had searched everywhere, we couldn't do anything so we were about to go when someone screamed "HELP". I was shocked.

* It had been two hours since we had come to the cove and we were about to give up hope of being found when Michelle had an idea. To scream help was her plan so after deciding that it was a good idea she screamed "HELP". We received a kick but surely our friends would have heard; surely.

# Once I recovered I started walking in the direction of the scream. Could it have been Michelle? Na I thought. In my mind I was a bit doubtful. What if it was Michelle they could be in deep trouble! All this went through my mind faster than it takes to read. I was running now, leaving the others behind. I had no idea where I was going but I knew someone was in trouble.

* We have been jolted around a fare bit but I was fine. On the other hand Michelle had a nasty gash on the side of her head. Michelle had fainted when she started to bleed and being in a sack didn't help. I heard a boot slam shut and people roaring at each other, obviously feeling very safe. I tried to understand what they were saying but it was a foreign language.

# I heard people yelling in French and started towards it. The way I know that they were shouting in French is because it is one of my best subjects. I decided I was going to go that way so I crept up to some large boulders and hid behind them. I knew that if I made one move I would be discovered.

* I was desperate now because the heat was insane and I didn't have any water. Air was getting scarce and I started to choke. If only help would come, was my one desperate thought. I started to whack my body against the boot but it was no use. I heard a car door slam and an engine start. I then felt the wheels moving slowly at first but getting faster all the time. I knew there was no hope of rescue; this was my last thought before I blacked out.

# Jamie from his hiding place saw the two men bickering. He could only make out that Ben and Michelle were in the boot because they were speaking to fast for him to keep up. He thought about plans to get them out of there decide.

Gina and Tim had stopped running now because they weren't good at it and they had lost sight of Jamie. So they plopped onto the sand and decided to wait.

* Jamie had finally made a plan, he was going to throw rocks at the car and then jump onto the roof. Then he would pick the lock on the boot and then use his knife to cut open the sack. He was running with the car when he threw the first rock. Once he had thrown the first rock he threw the others. This slowed the car down, and then he jumped on.

# He landed with a light thud, which would be mistaken for a rock. Jamie inched towards the boot. When he reached the boot he unfolded his paper clip. He inserted it into the lock and jiggled it around. Click. The boot opened.

* A rush of cold air revived Ben. He looked around; Michelle was stirring next to him. A knife appeared cutting the bag open. As soon as the knife withdrew he stuck his head out. Jamie was crouching down next to the sack looking pleased to see me. Michelle was now awake so Ben helped her out of the sack. Jamie got her other hand and they all jumped onto the road.

# They all landed on the ground safely. "We have to get you to a doctor and fast" said Jamie. "Don't stand up" said Ben "I'll carry you. They walked down to the beach and collected their stuff. They picked up Tim and Gina and went to the hospital.

* At the hospital in the emergency room I was feeling jittery. I was feeling this way for two reasons. One because last time I was here I had a broken arm and a broken leg. Two Michelle had fallen into unconsciousness again, leaning against my shoulder. I hoped it would be Michelle's turn soon cause she wasn't in great condition. Finally Michelle was called so I woke her up and helped her to the room.

# By now Tim was at home, Gina and Michelle were at my house. We were all drinking cocoa after telling my parents what happened. After we finished our cocoa we went upstairs and got into bed. The girls got to sleep first then Ben. I was still awake thinking about the events of the day. My last thought before I fell asleep was that we had another mystery to solve.

* That morning everyone was awake early so we got dressed and trouped downstairs. In the kitchen were two police officers. "Well halo to you" said the officer. He then went back to talking to my parents while we got breakfast. Once we had finished breakfast the police officers directed us to the living room for questioning.

# We told our story ten times before the officers left. For me this was so boring but for Ben he couldn't stand it. As soon as the officers left he was out the back door in a flash with Michelle beside him. I sighed. Ben couldn't sit through this mystery and do nothing.

* Walking down the pathway with Michelle by my side was heaven compared to being questioned by the police officers and then being told to do nothing! "Michelle, how about we go check out the cove to see if those dudes are there" I asked? "Great idea" replied Michelle. So we set off towards the cove.

# "Bring, bring." I went to pick up the phone. "Hello, this is the West's residence may I ask who's speaking?" I said as I answered the phone. "This is a warning, don't go back to the cove or else," said a raspy voice. Then the person at the other end hung up. Uh, oh I hope Ben and Michelle didn't decide to go to the cove.

* We were at the cove now, exploring the rocks when we heard a growl, we turned towards the beach. There on the beach was a dog and two men. One of the men was short and sort of fat. He had a beard and black hair. The other man was tall and very skinny. He had light blond hair and a moustache. "Come here," snarled the one with the beard. Instead of answering we dived into the water.

# I am running towards the beach hoping that Michelle and Ben didn't come this way. That man on the phone meant business. I reached the beach. No one was there. Well at least they weren't here. Secretly I was thinking, is it a good thing or a bad thing.

* We swam towards the opening in the rocks. We were about to go through when a submarine surfaced beneath us and carried us to the beach. When we got to the beach the two men yanked us off the submarine and dropped us onto the beach. Now you have gone too far. "We warned you not to come but you did," yelled the small fat one. "Yes," agreed the other one in a raspy voice.

# I headed back home at a slow pace thinking about the warning. Ben and Michelle probably just went into town I said to myself. I was worried so I made a plan of action. If Ben and Michelle weren't home before bedtime I would sneak out the window, with or without Gina. First I would check where the car was and if they weren't there I would try going over the rocks at the far side of the beach.

* The two men bound and gagged us then flung us up onto their shoulders. They carried us towards the rocks on the far side of the beach, opposite to where we came in. It looked as though we were going to walk straight into the rocks when a secret door opened and we walked through.

# It is midnight and I am taking down my window to climb out. Gina has decided to come with me so I have some company if we get trapped. I jump down and then helped Gina down. We head off towards the beach. When we get to the place where I hid there was nothing in the street so we searched around. We found nothing to lead us to Michelle and Bens capture. We wandered down to the beach and started to climb the rocks.

* The path was dimly lit with torches hanging from the walls. I could hear the dripping of water and the sound of voices. We when we had travelled for about an hour we came upon a large round cave. Water was dripping from a crack in the ceiling. The two men undid our bounds and gags then left the cave locking the huge wooden door behind them.

# After climbing down the other side of the rocks we found ourselves in a small cove. "This is where Michelle and Ben always disappear to" sighed Gina, it was obvious she liked the cove. If they got taken away in a boat they would be far away by now but I didn't give up hope. I started to feel the rocks on the other side of the cove. When I touched a small rock a small door sprang open. "Come here" I yelled to Gina. She came running. We decided to go inside.

* It had been a couple of hours since we had been put in the cave; I estimated that it is the middle of the night. Gina was asleep against my shoulder. The water coming through the roof had turned into a small water fall filling the cave with water. It was already up to my waist, soon I would drown.

# The place was like a maze, the hallways lit with torches. We saw a turn off ahead and decided to go that way. We walked for five minutes then came to an abrupt halt in front of a large wooden door. From inside I heard Ben yelling for help. Luckily the lock was still in the door, so I unlocked it. I rushed over to Ben and Michelle and cut their bounds. We flew down the hallway and out the door.

* It was such a relief to come out into the fresh air but I didn't stop. I raced across the beach to the rocks with the others beside me. We all scrambled up the rocks and onto the other side landing on the beach with a light thud. We then took off in a big hurry to our house.

# When we reached the house we ran round to the wall where the window was and climbed into the room. Each of us climbed into bed without a sound. We all chatted for a while about the events of the day until the girls dropped off to sleep. Once they dropped off Ben started mumbling that he should've known better, I didn't agree.

* The next morning we trouped down stairs to have breakfast when we heard voices in the kitchen. It was the police officers that were there the other morning. When we appeared in the kitchen my mum gasped. Probably because she thought I was stolen. "Where have you been" my mother asked? So I told them what had happened and as soon as I had finished the officers left to round up the gang. I was happy to not do anything!

# That night we heard on the news that the criminals had been rounded up. They were actually smugglers, wanted for various crimes. I was happy that they had been rounded up because I had, had enough excitement. Hopefully there wouldn't be another mystery for a long while because I needed a rest.

How wrong you are Jamie, because another mystery will come your way soon.

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