Author Note: This story was written in either Grade 2 or Grade 3 so it isn't that brilliant. I've gone through and made a couple of changes however it still isn't properly edited. I hope you have some fun reading through this story and I would love some reviews. I remember spending a lot of time on this story and having my teacher get extremely fustrated at me when writing it because it took me three or four lessons. It's a pity they don't like you writing long stories in the lower grades because I surely would have done alright.

The Detective Marina Tracy


One day Marina an eighteen year old, amateur teen detective was inside reading a book because it was dark and gloomy outside, and she had no mystery to solve. After a long time of reading the phone rang, she dove to get the phone. It was Michelle Venn; a friend of Marina's who was the same age. Michelle giggled excitedly "Hi I've got a mystery for you to solve; so come down to Canberra." Then she hung up the phone. That was odd she thought, but I do need a break or a reason, to get out of here. Marina went up stairs to pack some clothes.

By the time she had finished packing it was lunch time. So she clambered down stairs to have a sandwich. After a spectacular lunch she started off in the car to Canberra. That evening she was at Michelle's house. She parked her car and strolled inside. Michelle made Marina a cheese sandwich; when she finished they went upstairs to bed.

The next morning when Marina woke up she climbed out of bed, threw her dressing gown on and wandered downstairs; she was going to the kitchen to have breakfast. When she arrived downstairs she found Mrs Venn crying and Mr Venn trying to comfort her. Marina asked Mr Venn what had happened. He said "Mrs Venn just got a threatening note saying give up writing books or lose your daughter." As soon as that was said Michelle came tumbling down the stairs like a ball.

Once Michelle had landed Marina dashed up the stairs. When she got up the stairs she saw a dark shadowy figure diving in to the spare bedroom. Marina dived into the spare bedroom after the shadowy figure, but she was just in time to see the shadowy figure climb out of the window. Then she went down stairs because it was fruitless to try to do anything.

When she got down stairs she saw Michelle sitting on a chair with some frozen corn on her head and her leg bandaged. Marina told them about the shadowy figure and how it climbed out of the window. After the retell they had a breakfast of porridge; marina thought it was the best she had ever tasted, and made a note in her mind to ask Mrs Venn for the recipe later on.

Marina and Michelle took a walk down to the primary school. They were playing when someone came up from behind and put them in a sack. Marina started kicking and punching while Michelle sobbed. She thought they were doomed! But she had a pocket knife in her pocket but wasn't thinking straight enough to remember that she had it.

Two hours later Marina felt something sticking into her ribs and found her pocket knife. 'Oh my, I was so stupid!' she muttered under her breath. She pulled out her pocket knife and cut the bag open. She got out and looked around. They were on an aeroplane in the baggage area. After she found out they were on an aeroplane she looked out a near by window. They were flying over Paris!

Marina and Michelle waited until the plane landed then snuck out with the luggage. They got out of the plane. Marina saw their kidnappers. They were punks. Marina had an idea. She told Michelle, "We should dress up as punks too."

They went to a wig shop and got a green-haired, spiky wig each. They went to a punk clothes shop, they got shirts that were tight and left their shoulders bare, close cut black pants and a plain, black jacket. Next they went to a piercing shop. They got their ears pierced four more times, eyebrow once, lip once and tongue once. Michelle screamed and screamed; Marina didn't scream a bit. They bought some more punkish earrings. They found a hotel and stayed overnight.

The next morning they got dressed normally and ate breakfast. They went and got their jackets to embroider The Jackson Sisters in white. Once they did that they got some sleep because they were going to sleuth around that night and check out the PUNK PLACE.

When they woke up it was six o'clock. They got dressed in their punk clothes. Marina wore green spiky hair, tight fitting top which left her shoulders bare, tight fitting pants and a jacket over top. All of their clothes were black. They got into Marina's rented four wheel drive and drove to PUNK PLACE. They went inside, sat at the bar and asked for a drink of wine. They took out a lighter and cigars, lit and smoked them which they saw everyone else doing.

They went over to a table at the back for privacy. Marina told Michelle that it didn't seem that bad a place. Then in came the two punks. Marina kept a close eye on the punks. Marina crept to the table and went under. The biggest punk said, "Where did those kids get to? They were your responsibility." Eezy replied, "They cut the sack open and snuck away." The person in the middle said, "Stop quarrelling you two." That person was obviously their leader. Marina thought the leader's voice sounded familiar.

A little while later when the girls were back at the hotel it came to Marina. The voice was Mr Puke from school. She told Michelle and they logged onto his files on the Internet. He had been in jail for kidnapping and robbery but got out early for being well behaved. His partners Eezy and Franz got out early too, also for good behaviour.

That night Marina could not get to sleep. Finally her weariness took over and she slept. The next morning she got up and dressed in her punk clothes. She went out and got breakfast before Michelle woke up. Marina left the apartment and went to the punk place. She found Eezy, Franz and Mr Puke. She went up to them and asked, "Do you have any good deals for smuggling marijuana and guns into the country?" Franz replied, "Yes" "Come and follow us," said Eezy. Marina followed them for hours.

Meanwhile, Michelle got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and went to wake up Marina. When she got there Marina was gone. Michelle began to panic. She went outside and called a cab. First she went to the punk place but there was no Marina. Secondly she went to the old hotel and lastly, to check the apartment again.

Meanwhile Marina stopped at a table and made it look like she was waiting for something. A police nearby officer said to himself, "that kid is waitin' for somethin'." In a few minutes Mr Puke, Eezy and Franz walked past. She trailed them. The police officer saw them and went to catch up with Marina. When he caught up with Marina he put a hand on her shoulder and called to Franz, "this punk has bin following you. Do you know her?" "Sir," Franz replied. "No I don't know her" he lied. So she was taken to the police station.

In the cells she met a lot of the gangsters she had put there. She took off her wig. When the jail keeper looked at her he recognised her as Marina and asked her why she was in the cell. Marina told him how she got there and that she was on a case. She was let out and she went back to the apartment. While Marina was doing that Michelle had been home panicking. When Marina got home Michelle greeted her at the door. Marina told Michelle everything that had happened.

While they were sleeping that night an unexpected visitor snuck in, bound and gagged Michelle and Marina then took them away. When Marina came around and to her senses she was in a dark, damp, dirty wooden hut with Michelle lying beside her still sleeping.

Marina found she was bound and gagged very tightly, so tight that it was cutting her wrists which she found very painful. When Michelle woke up Marina had been fed and her plate was in front of her. Michelle was numb all over. Her wrists hurt deeply and she was very hungry. Michelle also found she was bound but not gagged. She leant over and ate her gruel and drank her water that tasted like dish water. Michelle asked Marina, "Where are we?" Marina replied, "I don't know." Just then Marina remembered that she had a pocket knife. So she reached down and grabbed it and cut Michelle's bindings then Michelle cut hers.

They tried the door but it was locked so they grabbed the knife and jammed it into the lock. They heard it go click so that meant it was unlocked. They opened the door. When they opened the door and some fresh air reached their noses they inhaled a deep breath and saw they were in the forest. Next to the "cabin" they saw there was a dark, wrecked, gloomy, old house.

They saw Franz and Eezy just coming out of the house. Eezy and Franz saw Marina and Michelle and ran over to them. Marina used her karate skills to defend herself. Franz tried to deliver a blow in the chin to Marina but she blocked the punch. Marina used one leg to get Franz legs out from underneath him. It worked and Franz fell to the ground with a plonk!

Meanwhile Michelle had her own problems to deal with. Eezy tried to tackle her but she tackled him as well. She got the upper hand on him so he was lying on his stomach with Michelle sitting on his back. Marina also got the upper hand on Franz. Franz was also lying on his stomach with Marina sitting on his back.

Marina forced Franz to tell them something. "Our boss Mr Puke is paying us a lot to do this," Franz said. That was all he said. Marina and Michelle bound and gagged Franz and Eezy and put them into the "cabin". Michelle and Marina headed into the woods. When they got onto a road the sign said "Beryl Court". Marina instantly recognised that they were back in Australia and told this to Michelle immediately.

They were so amazed that they were in the street where marina grew up. Marina hoped some of her friends still lived there.

Marina went down the road and stopped in front of a house which when she lived there was Nat's house. Nat was a family friend and she had two children, Jemma and Travis. She opened the gate and knocked on the door. Jemma answered the door and she recognised Marina.

She invited Marina and Michelle in. Marina asked her if her mum was home but Jemma didn't know where she was. "Jemma, have you seen anything suspicious around here lately?" Marina asked. Jemma thought for a moment. "Well the people in number 12 never go out of their house," Jemma replied. At that moment Travis came into the room. Marina asked Travis if he had seen anything. "Only that the neighbours down the road never do anything except make lots of noise" Travis replied. Marina thanked them. Jemma invited them for dinner and to stay that night. After a yummy dinner of spaghetti Marina went up to her room. After Marina had undressed and had a shower she got to her bed and was asleep before her head touched the pillow.

The next morning when Marina woke up it was early. She got up and fixed herself a breakfast of porridge and a glass of orange juice. She went over to the phone and called to get her four wheel drive picked up from Michelle's house. When her four wheel drive arrived Michelle still hadn't woken up. Marina went upstairs to Michelle's bedroom. When Marina went inside she found the room in a mess, the bed un-made and Michelle gone.

Marina rushed into Travis' bedroom and found the same thing. Marina also rushed into Jemma's bedroom where the same thing had occurred. Marina went to the kitchen and packed supplies into the four wheel drive. When the packing was over Marina hopped into the four wheel drive and drove away. The first place she was going to was the café because it was now lunch time. After a nice lunch of a hamburger and a can of Mountain Dew she was on the road again.

The second place she went was the Victor Harbor Mall. From there she went into the girls toilets and pressed a button that took her down into a mysterious hallway. She snuck into one of the doors and there she saw Travis, Jemma and Nat chained to the wall. Then Franz came into the room and took Travis away into another adjoining room. Marina snuck to the doorway of the room and saw that Travis was on a chair with his mouth open wide and Franz was putting a homing device on one of his teeth. Marina turned around and freed Jemma and Nat.

When they got to the car they jumped in and drove to a hotel where they booked a room and stayed. Marina told Jemma and Nat what happened. "What are we going to do?" asked Nat. "I don't know," said Marina. Just then the phone rang. Marina picked up the phone and then she pushed a button so everyone could hear. The person on the phone said, "Pay me $50,000 and get Travis back or don't pay and don't get Travis back. If you decide to pay me bring it to the Wildlife Park and put it inside a jar inside the biggest gum tree there." Marina turned off the phone.

"So are we going to pay or not?" asked Nat. "We won't" said Marina, "because even though we would get Travis back he will still have the homing device. Secondly where are we going to get that money? And thirdly, they'll probably use the money to get weapons of some sort." "Well then how are we going to get Travis back?" asked Jemma. "We will sneak in, rip out the homing device in Travis' mouth and bring him back here" said Marina at once. They had McDonald's for tea and went to bed early.

The next day Marina, Nat and Jemma went back to the place where they released the others. They went into the special room and ripped out Travis's homing device and took him back to the hotel where he had a drink of milk and some cookies to eat. "What happened to you?" asked Jemma. "Start from the beginning" insisted Marina. "Well the night before when I was sleeping I heard a sound. I opened my eyes and saw a man standing over me. The next minute I was chloroformed. When I woke up I was in this sort of basement with Jemma and Nat. After a little while a man came in and took me into a room like dental clinic. The next thing I knew I was back in that room and you know the rest. Marina picked up the phone and dialled the police number. Travis told his story to them. The police went to their special hide-out and captured the punks, but Michelle still hadn't been found. The criminals were questioned and put in jail for a long time. Later on Marina asked them about Michelle. Eezy was so scared so he gave the answer away this is what he said "Michelle is at the lighthouse." So Marina drove out to the lighthouse and found Michelle tied up. So she untied Michelle and they drove home. Marina had solved another great mystery!

The End

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