Author Note: This story was written in Grade four or five on the topic of disasters. Amazingly I made a mystery combine with a disaster. I haven't done much editing to this so it is still pretty rough. Please read and review.

The Detective Marina Tracy

Escape from a disaster

One nice sunny day a girl named Marina Tracy who was an eighteen year old amateur teen detective was on an aeroplane going to Indonesia with her best friend Viola Belagrove. She was so excited because she had another mystery to solve. She had been told about this mystery a month ago. It took a month to get everything.

Her friend in Indonesia called Matthew Staleton had told her all about a mystery involving some sapphires. As she was going over the facts in her head the intercom announced that they were landing, so everyone had to put their seat belts on. Marina stopped what she was doing and woke Viola up from her deep sleep that she had fallen into, then Marina put her seat belt on.

Later on when they were collecting their baggage Marina overheard some people talking about sapphires. Marina and Viola waited and waited for their baggage to come. So Marina and Viola checked out the Airport. On the way back they stopped for some food and collected their baggage.

Once they had collected their baggage they walked out to the front of the airport, hailed a cab and told the taxi driver to go to their hotel. On the way to their hotel Viola & Marina talked about the sapphire case.

When they got to the hotel they signed in and went up to their room. The lobby was a pale blue colour with swirls on it; the counter was made of expensive wood. The person behind the counter was a nice pretty girl named Arial.

While they were walking up the stairs Marina looked out a window and saw a boat docking in the harbour. That gave her a tingly feeling that started to creep up her spine.

When they had gotten to their room Marina said "Violet while we were walking up here I looked out a window and saw a boat pulling into dock. It gave me a tingly feeling creeping up my spine." Then there was silence.

After a snack of the hotels finest biscuits Marina went down to the beach with Viola. Marina and Viola were wearing bikini bathers. They set up there towels and dug some holes in the sand.

After digging a hole that reached water they walked down to the waters edge. They walked into the water till it was up to their knees then exclaimed in unison, "it's freezing!" Viola got out because it was too cold for her but Marina had a lovely swim.

When Marina and Viola were at the markets they saw some coconut bags and bought one each for five dollars. After going to the markets Marina and Viola went to the police station.

After having a rest in the cave they walked back to the entrance with the sapphires, knowing they had to be the missing sapphires Matthew had told them about. The person who had taken them must have hid them in the caves thinking no one would find them there.

When they were half way to the police station a tsunami hit. Marina and Viola dropped the sapphires and clambered onto the bus next to them.

Sitting on the bus was very cold because the wind had picked up and they were very wet. While Marina and Viola were on the bus they met some different people. Their names and where they come from were: Fred from the US, Jane from Africa and Drew from Canada.

After sitting on the bus for a while Marina said, "Viola we need to move to a safer place while the water goes down." "Ok" said Violet. So they climbed off the bus, swam to the nearby three story building and climbed onto the roof.

Sitting on the roof was colder than on the bus because it was much higher. Sitting on the roof Marina and Viola could see that the whole town was flooded, in some areas whole buildings had been swept away into the ocean. Marina and Viola were very happy they hadn't been killed or swept away by the tsunami.

A little while later Marina and Viola felt very sleepy so they went into the first window they saw open. Once they had gotten through the window they saw that they were in a little bedroom. In the bedroom were two little beds with no one in them so they hopped into one bed each.

For days and days they stayed sleeping in the little beds until one day Marina heard a loud noise and woke up. After Marina was fully awake she woke Viola, then they looked out the window and saw that the water was waist deep so they clambered down and collected the sapphires from where they dropped them (thankfully they were still there). Marina and Viola then took the sapphires to the police station.

At the police station there were two police officers cleaning up the police station. Marina and violet looked around at the mess until one of the police officers looked up. The police officer asked, "What are you doing here?" "We've brought the missing sapphires," said Marina. "Good," said the police officer. "Do you know who took the sapphires?" asked the other police officer. "No" said Viola. Then they talked about the sapphires for a bit longer.

That day Viola and Marina flew back to Australia. The flight was a long one but it was worth it. When they got home they were happy to be back alive!

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