I knew I shouldn't just throw their words away,
but my heart was telling me different things
from the things written black and white.
I met those people
even though they were from the other side
of this world that I believed to have breathed in,
and yes, they were strangers;
but they were the ones who listened
to the words I'd never speak to the people near me.
Perhaps the distance physically
wasn't at all an obstacle—
it could be overcome with a little effort
of travelling an hour even if I can only
meet them for a minute.
These people have always been in my heart
and they never left, that's why they're precious
treasures that I've found in an unknown seabed.
If I hadn't taken the risk,
would I have met such people
that made such big changes to my life?
They were there to comfort me when the person I loved
hurt me, they didn't judge me at all.
When I wanted to end my life,
they held my hand through it
and told me that it wasn't worth it because
one day, the hope will show its way
and guide me to the future where the light
will never fade. One day, definitely.
I'll never forget these friends
with a bond thicker than blood.
They were the one who taught me the meaning of life
that was never taught in textbooks in school or
reference books in bookstores;
they were taught through laughs,
tears, smiles, heartbreaks, and most importantly,
they taught me to trust, believe and love.
Without them, the word 'love'
would be an empty word deprived of its meanings
that was beyond any descriptive means.
It was the little things they did for me
that touched the cold core of my heart;
always closed with the walls I've built along life
but they managed to knock it down with their sincere heartfelt feelings.
Without them, I might not breathing and writing this right here—
So, when one day the world stops breathing, please know that I'm grateful
for the things that will never return.
Thank you for everything, for teaching me how to smile,
so happily without faking it. And to cry, yet know that everything
was okay; it wasn't a lie.