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Chapter 1: First Impressions

First impressions are the most stupid things on the planet. Really, I mean, it's stupid to try to and rule someone out completely, before they talk. Unfortunately for me, first impressions just busted my ass. You'd think if a Caucasian, football playing, muscular, 17 year old walked up to a gay guy and introduced himself he'd be in. But whatever this guy's first impression was it wasn't good.

Let me back track. I'm walking out of the doors of the mall and as usual I scan the area, it's a habit, and I see this guy; this wonderfully, gorgeous, enthralling, interesting guy. Okay, I know what you're thinking, 'Gasp! It's a bisexual/gay football player!' and you're right but there are five of us on the team. Football players are not all that straight. Of course we're not out of the closet but…


This wonderfully, gorgeous, enthralling, interesting guy stood there, a knee-length tan peat coat, over a red-gray deep cut V-neck, a dark blue pair of Levi skinny jeans and a pair of Sperry's. His body was great, not too skinny, but not overly muscular. He was a deep tan with black and red hair He was on the phone. As I walked closer to him I could hear his voice. It was fair, not soft, but not like mine…but God, did it turn me on.

'You gotta ask him.' I told myself, 'You gotta ask him, there's no way he can say no.' I tugged on my Radder High Football hoodie and walked up to him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help but notice you from across the street…name's Trent, nice to meet you." I said holding out my hand.

He looked at me, his hazel eyes staring deep into my soul, trying to figure me out, he smiled looked back down at his phone and said,


"What?" I responded, shocked.

"No." he said in an aggravated way.

"No?" I asked

"Yes." He said swiveling on his heel and walking away.

"Yes!" I said happily.

"No!" I said as he walked away from me, his walk becoming slightly pixie like.

So there I stood, shocked by the outcome of this guy's first impression. As I sat there I thought to myself, 'Did this guy really, really just say no!' and thus my conscience replied, 'Yes.' I staggered over to a bench and sat down.

"He really just said no." I said to myself quietly, my thoughts coming out into the air. I got up and walked to my car.

"He said no." I said as I got in the car.

- "He really just said no."-

Now I know what you're thinking, 'This guy is so conceited; he obviously thinks no one can say no to him?'

Now I never said I've never been told no, or been rejected…but it's a rare case when I do, and I have to acknowledge those instances, for they are not common. I want to know why this guy didn't in the slightest way even begin to say yes, or even say nice try, but no. It was just a simple


The word echoed through my head over and over and over like a mallet just hit a bell. It's mind boggling that he said that. Guys usually don't turn me down, I mean, I don't usually go after guys, but when I do, they don't turn me down. And this guy just…


And wasn't like, "Sorry, I don't know you, so no." or, "I just got out of a relationship, no." or even a, "You're a giant dick-headed football player, no." It was just…


"Argh!" I screamed and slammed my head face forward into my pillow. Soon after my phone began to ring, "Like a G6" rang quietly in my room. I picked it up and looked at it. It was my friend Shawn.

"Hello?" I said, my voice sounding like it was being dragged through the mud.

"Somebody sounds sick…wait, did someone…reject you?" he asked. I stayed silent trying not to give him that satisfaction.

"I knew I'd see this day come. The day when Trenton Harrison Lawson, would be rejected. Rejected by a …"

"Hah! By a boy, who doesn't find his sexy, muscular, arrogant, football playing ass attractive." He said, finishing it with a laugh.

"It's not funny. This is serious." I said.

"Seriously funny!" Shawn said.

"Shut up Shawn. How would you feel if you were rejected by a guy?" I asked

"I'd be alright cause my attraction to girls is equally as strong…anyway, are you still going to Ashley's party tonight?" he asked me.

"I don't know." I said with a sigh.

"Come on, you'll definitely get some ass there." Shawn said, inflicting the end of the sentence.

"Fine…when are you coming by?" I asked.

"9:20-ish and your ass better be ready." He said.

"Alright, I'll see you later, bye." I said and hung up…

"He seriously said…"


- "The day when Trenton Harrison Lawson, would be rejected." -

Shawn and Mark giggled, I looked at them with the evil eye, they both burst out laughing.

"Classic." Mark said.

"Painfully, gloriously, classic." Shawn joined in.

"It's not funny, how would you feel to be rejected by some guy?" I asked them.

They looked at each other and replied with a, "Fine." I growled and turned back around.

See there's a very dirty secret at our school, all of us on the starting lineup of the football team are in the closet. Wow, how unbelievable? No we don't all screw each other, but we're all pretty good friends. Shawn and Mark are bi. Of course they go after girls but if you wanted to put a specific label on them, they're "together".

"Never mind, that's not the point. Anyway, how much further is Ash's house?" I asked, Shawn pointed up the street.

"Right there." it was a large luxurious house, nice and white, sitting near the top of Holloway Hill. They pulled into the grass and we got out. The music was loud, it was some artist that didn't play on G 105, so I didn't know them. But it was a hot song. I swayed into the party as some random person handed me a drink, probably another loser begging to be cool. I sipped from the cup and walked in, the song was still playing. It was loud. Loud was good. I just wanted his voice to leave my head and stop bothering me. I sipped some more of my drink and swayed a little bit harder. I looked in my cup and it was empty. This happened a few more times until I got bored of the song.

I scanned the room and saw this girl, "Hey, hold my cup?" I asked her, she nodded heavily and I handed her my drink. Girls always got excited when I asked them to do shit. Of course my drinking just made me more aware of it.

"She's so stupid." I thought aloud. Unfortunately instead of being stupid when I get drunk, the exact opposite happens and I become more analytical.

I swayed harder, my hands slowly finding their way up my body and into the air, my left fist started pumping. I could feel the smile stretch across my face and my feet start to move. I closed my eyes and let the music take control. It felt good, I was forgetting all about earlier. My body was starting to soften up and get loose. I took a drink off a nearby table and drank from it. Hard liquor. Good, the stronger, the drunker, the better. The song started to die down, but another one began to play. Raise Your Glass by Pink! Everyone started to jump. I grabbed the cup and chanted in unison with everyone else and the song.

"Raise your glass." I sang in unison with everyone else. I swayed off the dance floor and out onto the back porch. As usual, because a good song was on, no one was outside. I stood out there me and about three other people. That's when I saw him, the guy from earlier, pretending like nothing is wrong at all. He looks up at me, then back at his cup, then back at me.

"You look kinda drunk. Want some more?" He asked, holding the cup out to me, sarcasm flowing from the questions.

"Shut up, if you weren't such a lightweight you could drink it, Captain Rejector." I said.

"I thought that was you. Still taking it hard?" he asked me, taking out a cigarette and lighting it, "You want it?" I shook my head,

"Good, I don't either. I don't smoke." and with that sentence he flicked to the ground and stomped on it. This guy was strange...in an attractive way.

"Why do you act like you know me so well." I said, skipping past all of his bullshit and straight to my main question.

"Cause...I do know you." He said poking my chest, "You're like every other guy I've been with. Arrogant, self-centered, damaged by hubris, but deep down, you do it so you can suppress your homosexual feelings. Quite frankly I'm tired of it." he said looking at me, his deep hazel eyes killing me.

"You're good. But I know you're type too." I began, "You're the one who hides behind the hard to get facade so that guys like you don't get hurt by guys like me."


"There you go with that word again. I've only known you for literally a few hours and that seems to be your favorite word." I said rolling my eyes.

"For you, it's just standard issue." he said with a shrug, whisking his drink with his finger, "Name's Kaden, but everyone calls me Kade. And I remember your name...Tent, right?"

I look at him as he begins to walk away, "It's Trent."

"Ah, could've sworn it was Tent...like the one in your pants." he said and walked off. I looked down only to see that I'd popped a gigantic trouser treasure.

'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid'

- "So that guys like you don't get hurt by guys like me." -
"I can't believe that happened last night..." I said running my hands through my hair.
"What?" Shawn and Mark said in unison, both of their mouths full of the pancakes Mark made.

After I embarrassed myself I went out to Shawn's car and got in the back. Eventually I went to sleep and woke up in Shawn's guest room.

"I totally made myself look like a dick." I said. Not thinking of how horribly correct I was.

"More of a dick than usual?" Shawn said, not knowing the pun he just let come out of his mouth.

"Shut up. I mean, yeah, but it's not the fact that I looked like one..." I continued

"As much as it is that you are one. That's what you were gonna say right?" Mark said, being a jackass.

"Both of you shut up. I mean, I was kinda drunk, but..." I said trailing off.

"Ah! That was why. You were being an analytical, over-critiquing fuck, weren't you." Shawn said waving his fork at me. I looked away from him with a glare.

"Exactly. Anyway, who was it." he asked.
"Kade." I said, my tone softening just thinking about him.

"Who?" Mark asked.

"Kade. The guy who rejected me." I said.

"Oh. That guy. So I'm guessing he blew you off again?" Shawn asked.

"Kinda...but at least we had somewhat of a conversation.", I said getting up and walking to Shawn's fridge and pulling out a carton of O.J.

"Well, what happened?" Mark asked.

I told them about the conversation and it's unfortunate erect end, "Seriously." Shawn said.

"Yeah." I said looking away. The two of them smirked a little and burst out laughing. I glared at them and coughed.

"It's not funny." I said stringently.

"You're fucking right, it's not funny, it's hilarious." Shawn said, falling out of his seat. I rolled my eyes and watched Shawn as he laughed on the ground and Mark as he pounded on the table with crazy laughter.

"Fuck you guys, I'm going home." I said and walked out his front door. I began to walk down the street to my house.

I mean sure the whole situation is funny. Actually...it's not, it's embarrassing, I was turned down for the first time in nearly ten years, by some...some...fag and now all of my closest friends think they're watching me guest star on SNL. It's not okay. And just then, as that thought crossed my mind I looked across the street at a house that'd been bought nearly a month ago. A moving van was in front of it. I heard the door click open and out hopped no other than,


It was bad enough he was on my mind, but now he seemed to be everywhere I was. I motioned for him to come across the street. He looked at me and shook his head. Handing me one last and humiliating.


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