Deaf. The real deaf. They're not the ones who can't hear but rather the ones who don't want to. The real deaf. I'm one of them. Yes, I am. I may be deaf but I need you to hear me. I will tell you what it is like to be one. I will tell you what it is like to be discriminated against. To deserve sympathy but not receive it. You know what? This is just like discrimination against African-Americans. This is just like discrimination against gays. Transsexuals. Geeks. For goodness' sake, even the bullies. But we're outcasts there. We're outcasts everywhere. We're never the victims. We're the hardcore criminals. We're the ones who do inhumane things without a motive, just for fun. Yes, we're the ones who hurt but never can get hurt. Is that what you think? Well, you're wrong. My reasons may seem stupid to you, to those famished and suffering in poverty in some Third World country. But they mean a lot to me! I'm sorry if I say things in an infuriating manner. Really, I am! I just can seem to do anything about it. You say I need to change my attitude. I know I need to change! But I can't do that myself. Attitudes can change, to that I wholeheartedly agree. But does that mean WE can change them?