I wanted them to pay.

Every single one.

They would feel what I felt, the hurt, the betrayal, the deceit.

And I? I would sit back and watch them squirm, and inwardly laugh at my victories.

To many I would seem cruel and sadistic, pathetic even. But at the moment I didn't care, I was cruel and I was being sadistic. I was enjoying the expressions that would overcome them, not once were they happy.

They were easy to manipulate and play with.

So I took advantage of that, I became a predator. And let's face it they were easy prey, they practically walked around with a target sign on their forehead.

Some say I was acting out, some say I was begging for attention, some say I was just thirsty.

But in all truth, I was angry, angry for what he did. For how he treated us, how he hurt me. I was betrayed, and lied to.

I was in pain, emotional pain, and someone had to pay.

Then I met someone, how cheesy right?

The problem? He was my next target.

From the moment I saw him I knew he was next, the way he carried himself, the way he sorta stumbled, they way he stuttered an apology when some guy shoved him. He had everything I looked for down to a T, and I felt that anger again, and that rage.

It was time to break yet another one, watch them squirm and fumble.

Was I a bully? Yes.

Was I cruel? Yes.

Was I sadistic? Yes.

Was I angry? Yes.

Was I a predator? Yes.

Was I going overboard? Yes.

Was I falling in Love? Holy Crap.

A/N: *covers her eyes*...*peeks a little* Yes I know I know, I've done it again! But I couldn't help it! ..*sigh* I'm going through a sorta block, so maybe this will help out. Anyway let me know what you think.