There was a myth that if you stand on the rocks they will tell you who your true love is. But the thing about this myth was that it was true. The rocks would tell you who your true love was and break thousands of relationships and friendships- that was the power of the rocks. But one day on those very rocks stood a boy. A ginger, a nerd and that boy was called Sheen.

The story and drama that circled Sheen was things that should never be spoken or written. It was a swirling story of love, betrayal, death, heartbreak and everything in between. The stories of Sheen are those to marvel at, but not this story. This story is the ending, but it is also the beginning. This story is all you ever need to know. This story is of how stones broke the heartless girl's heart.

We had been dating for nearly two years. We were perfect for each other and everyone said so, everyone but the one that matter the most to him, everyone but her- his best friend. She was the girl that loved him like I did, the girl that I ruined; Jenny. We had dated in secret for most of those two years but I saw the way she looked at me. She knew she saw the secret glances. She saw the way his eyes brightened when he saw me.

But I saw it too. I saw his eyes grow dark when we fought, or when she left. I heard his voice fill with so much love every time he thought about her. And every time I heard it, I'd hate her more. But none of that matters now. She's gone. She was killed in the last invasion. He was so torn and heartbroken it made me feel bad. His broken heart nearly made me cry.

But I can't, not anymore. My tears are gone- dried up, useless, never really had a purpose. That was years ago and now we're happy, well were happy. But then he asked the question. Why don't you want to stand on the rocks? I looked at he and lied said I didn't need rocks to tell me we're soul mates. But I knew the truth. I was afraid because I knew I wasn't his soul mate. She was long gone. I was merely a backup.

My words did nothing to detain him and he climbed to the top of the rocks. A smile on his face as stood at the top looking down at me. Suddenly wind blew through the clearing. Sheen raised his arms out to either side of him -the smile no longer on his face- like when Christ was nailed to the cross. Dark clouds swiftly moved through the sky. Lightning flashed as Sheen threw his head back and scream.

At first I thought it was just a scream, but then I realized it was her name. He was calling for her, for Jenny. The stones underneath his feet suddenly flashed to life and I stared in horror at the word I never wanted to see again. Jenny.

Tears build in my eyes and my heart was beating loudly in my chest. I wasn't breathing in an air and it was making my chest contract painfully. The wind picked up spinning rapidly around us. The words started to flash rapidly to the thumping of my heart. And Sheen was still screaming. He was still calling for her instead of me. And my heart was racing and the heart I forgot I had was pounding. The heart I forgot I had was beating and breaking.

Suddenly with no warning Sheen fell to his knees. Lightning flashed behind him and I saw the tears on his pale freckled cover cheeks. My heart stopped beating and the storm died. The words stopped flashing. I wasn't breathing but none of that mattered because Sheen was gone.

I feel to my knees like Sheen had, gasping in acute pain as my heart broke. I sobbed gripping at where my heart was trying to make it stop, trying to make sense of it.

My heart was broken- which was impossible because I never had one. I am Lucy the heartless girl. I am Lucifer- daughter of the devil and my heart was broken by a human –a human ginger, nerdy, boy- and there will be hell to pay.