I'm a fail. I can't believe I haven't updated my other stories. :(

I have a valid reason though! Since school start, I've been busy. Kind of, MY SCHEDULE SUCKED! I have all sciences in 1st sem, so I probably won't be able to update until 2nd semester? Whatever.

Well, enjoy this small soliloquy I wrote while standing in the bus stop for 30 minutes listening to kids ('bout 10 – 13 years old) saying how 'life sucks', 'my boyfriend blah blah.'

ENJOY! :) Don't forget to hit review! ;)

I stood up.

Whether or not I'm still here, it doesn't matter.

I'm an empty space, something that can be easily filled. Materialistic things; toys, people, unnecessary things, it could also be intangible things; Happiness, loneliness, love, hatred, a lot of things. I can very well be Pandora's box. But I am not.

I am simply a person, you can fill me; intangible or tangible. I am but a time bomb, waiting for myself to explode. Whether I explode or not depends on everyhting around me.

Everything around me.

You. Him. Her. Them.

You may very well treat me like garbage, treat me like a princess, treat me like a person; I may care, I may not. It depends on the impact you have on me.

Your impact on me.

I love you, I don't. I like you, I don't. I hate you, I don't.

Its all you, like how its all me.

Its all but a cycle; our life.

This may or may not make sense to you. I may be spouting out nonsense that comes to mind, yet, I could also be telling you things that may or may not be very important.

I am a person.

I live.

I fight.

I love.

I hate.

Yet, I am an empty space. I've been filled with lots of things. But why is it that I'm empty once again? Why is it that I'm... Lonely?

Life is a game. A gamble. We strive, we struggle, we try; just to get to that unreachable rainbow. Can we ever reach it? Can we ever grasp it?

We may or may not.

...We may or may not...

I may be talking an endless blabber, I may not. Yet, as I stood up and gazed behind smiles and laughter, tears and frowns, smirks and grins, screams and shouts, I realize, we may or may not be a lot of things.

YAY! :)