The neighborhood's impressive looking houses with their iron gates and sprawling gardens cast long shadows as the sun sits just below the horizon, threatening to sink and throw the town into darkness. The air is cold, and a light breeze blows some leaves and pieces of paper along the empty road. It is quiet, and the silence is only interrupted by footsteps interrupting the still vigil.

Walking down the sidewalk is a lone girl with a large backpack. She is going home from school after a long day, from band practice at six thirty in the morning to detention until five.

Suddenly, she hears a rustling. The first time can be ignored. The second time is more ominous. Stopping to listen to it, she thinks, I'm almost home now. Just one more block. The rustling sounds again. This time, it causes her to stop and look around. Seeing no one, she dismisses it once again. The fourth rustle cannot be missed.

"Who's there?" After some silence again, only interrupted by the breeze as it blows its leaves and paper down the street. Just when she is about to turn and sprint all the way home, she hears another rustle, and from some bushes emerges a cat.

The girl looks up at the orange and white tabby cat sitting on the fence and strokes it. So this is what's been scaring me. How silly. This thought is her undoing.

"Good kitty, good kitty. Are you lost? I don't think anyone in this neighborhood owns a cat."

Meow. The cat purrs under her touch.

"Aw, I'll find your owner. Do you have an owner? I'll take you in if you don't. Aren't you the cutest little-"

The cat suddenly hisses and the girl pulls back as fangs appear in its mouth.


"Did it work?" asks a tall woman dressed in a completely black dress that clings neatly to her figure. She has dark hair that is long and silky, and it covers her face so that the only things visible are her deep violet eyes. She isn't human; dark cat-like ears stick up from her head, and her nails are more similar to claws. The tail is hidden by the dress.

"Yes, your majesty. The mutation seems to have attacked the subject. In addition to draining its blood, it has attempted to hide its body. The fangs appeared at precisely the correct time."

Good, thinks the woman. Then all of what her adviser has said registers.

"'Yes your majesty,'" imitates the woman. "I have promoted myself to empress. What must you call me?"

"Yes, empress. The mutation..." the man starts.

"Oh, spare me." She waves a hand and leaves the black and almost empty room. At first glance, it is empty, but in response to the woman's hand gesture, cats leap from hiding holes and pounce upon the man. No one would ever find his body.

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